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NHCS Students Make Their Own History at Regional Competition

Several New Hanover County Schools students recently participated in National History Day, sponsored by the Cape Fear Museum. In this regional competition, students in grades 6-12 move beyond the classroom to bring history to life. Participants selected a subject focusing on the theme of "Conflict and Compromise in History,” then performed research and created a project to present before a group of judges.

NHCS proudly announces the following winners at the regional competition:

Noble Middle School, led by teacher Syndy Kevitz
Lindsey Knepper and Kaitlynn Bryand: 1st place- Group Website, “Cambodia's Struggle: Conflict and Compromise”
Skye Solomon and Hannah Kern: 2nd place- Group Website, “Changing Divorce Laws”
Izzy Newton: 1st place- Individual Exhibit, “Soccer: Preparing for War”
Connor Tarbert: 2nd place- Individual Exhibit, “From a Riot to a Document”
Cooper Hyldahl: 1st place- Paper, “Jim Jones People Temple”

Williston Middle School, led by teacher Brandy Townsend
Randall Rhoads: 3rd place (tie)- Paper, “Evolution of the Auto Industry”

New Hanover High School, led by teacher Mariah Hamrick
Lauren Smith, Johnny Deffinbaugh, Angus Ingram, Brie Smelik: 2nd place- Group Documentary, “Shaking Hands with a Clenched First”
Avery Lennon, Shannon Bowerman, Arianna Shynett: 3rd place- Group Documentary, “Exploitation of the Congo and Assassination of Lumumba”
Wit Tinsley, Colton Davis, Edwin West, Hayne Beard: 1st place- Group Exhibit, “I Did the Best I Could But I Failed: Impacts of Military Efforts in the Iran Hostage Crisis”
Hannah Rettig and Alex Dozier: 2nd place- Group Exhibit, “Unfair Imprisonment of Japanese Americans”
Lily Smith, Vanessa Nowak, Julia Allen: 3rd place- Group Exhibit, “The Evolution of the Scopes Trial”
Karen Walter, Rachel Wertheimer, Jayden Wingate: 1st place- Group Performance, “Alice Paul's Fight for Woman Suffrage”
Max Vagt, Iris Horton, Raleigh Fauquier, Maurice Pool: 3rd place- Group Website, “A Call for Justice: Bikini Atoll and Nuclear Testing”
Taylor Mullaney: 1st place- Individual Exhibit, “I Took the Canal Zone: Theodore Roosevelt and Construction of the Panama Canal”
Cricket Schoettelkotte: 3rd place- Individual Exhibit, “The Compromise on Contraceptives: Margaret Sanger's Fight for Birth Control”
Celeste Smith: 1st place- Individual Website, “The Role of Women During and After World War II”
Sophia Kunz: 1st place- Paper, “Crisis in Cuba: A Forgotten History”

The intentional selection of this year’s theme for National History Day was to challenge students to expand their view of history as mere facts and dates and investigate the historical content to develop perspective and understanding.

These regional winners will now advance to the 2018 North Carolina History Day contest, which will be held Saturday, April 28, 2018, at the N.C. Museum of History in Raleigh. Students placing at the NC History Day competition will then compete in the National competition in Washington, DC.

Posted: 04/17/18