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NHCS Installs New Security System

Ai Phones - Installed in NHCS schoolsWhen traditional schools start on Tuesday, August 26th, many New Hanover County Schools' pre-kindergarten, elementary and middle school parents will see a newly installed security system, Ai Phones. The new system allows the district to better control entry security and regulate access into buildings. Schools will be able to keep the facility secure while communicating with school visitors and confirming their identity using both audio and video.

The Ai Phones will be installed through American Detection Systems, Inc. The cost for the equipment and installation totals $128,564.

NHCS Safety Director Dave Spencer said the new system is easy to use. "A person comes up to the door and presses a button. Office staff will then be able to see who it is on a closed circuit television monitor. Access can be granted once the person is identified. This is a very efficient safety process," Mr. Spencer explained.

Ai Phones have been installed at all of the pre-kindergarten, elementary and middle schools with the exception of Roland-Grise. The configuration of Roland-Grise's front office will require a different installation process for the system. The district plans to have the Ai Phone system installed at every school soon, including Roland-Grise, and the high schools.



Posted: 08/18/2014