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New Hanover County Schools
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Student Support    Department Fax 910-254-4352
Deputy Superintendent    Dr. Rick Holliday 910-254-4207
         Administrative Assistant    Sheila Wilkes 910-254-4207
         Enrollment Specialist    Denise Angevine 910-251-2929
Director     Kristin Jackson 910-254-4337
           Administrative Assistant     Lyndsie Hutson 910-254-4292
Behavior Support        Department Fax 910-254-4352  
          Behavior Specialist     Judy Stubblefield    910-254-4209
Hearing Board/School Safety    Department Fax 910-254-4161
Director     Dave Spencer 910-254-4275
           Support Associate- School Safety       Lenora Bellamy 910-254-4308
           Administrative Assistant- Hearing Board      Sandra Winn 910-254-4253
Homeless    Department Fax 910-254-4352
McKinney-Vento Liaison   Rebecca McSwain 910-251-2947
Legal Counsel     Department Fax     910-254-4181  
Esquire      Wayne Bullard 910-254-4181
Admin.  Asst. / Paralegal     Kim Joye     910-254-4460  
Risk Management Supervisor Julie Moore 910-254-4231
PowerSchool/Student Data             Office Fax     910-254-4112  
PowerSchool Coordinator             Emily Jones     910-254-4369  
PowerSchool Assistant              Melinda Fullwood     910-251-2963  
PowerSchool Assistant      Monica Simmons 910-254-4318
Dropout Prevention  Supervisor                                                                                              Department Fax 910-254-4352
Prevention/Intervention Coordinator        Sherry Pinto 910-254-4188
Social Worker/Counselor       Department Fax 910-254-4352
Supervisor of School Counseling and Social Work Tanya Jordan 910-254-4346
Special Education & Related Services                                                                                     Department Fax 910-254-4444
Director        Julie Askew 910-254-4454
             Administrative Assistant        Linda Rumsey 910-254-4454
Transcripts    Department Fax 910-254-4270
              Records Specialist Laverne Midgette-Leach 910-254-4234