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School Hours: 7:30 - 3:30
Student Hours: 8:00 - 2:30
Monday - Friday


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Welcome Awesome Admirals

January 17th We kicked off our Walk n Wheel Wednesdays

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Students begin each day by reciting the Admirals Oath.

Admirals know:  Everyone matters and we treat others with respect. Today is a new day where I will opt to make the right choices. Today I will promise to respect myself, others, and my school. I will be prepared to learn all I can. I will practice patience and problem solving. Today is a day I will do my best to make healthy and safe choices.

Pre-order your yearbook NOW! From now until April 1 you can preorder & pay online for your 2017-2018 yearbook for $25! We will be ordering a few extra to sell; however, these will be limited and once we sell out there will be NO MORE left, so preorder yours early!
The website to preorder is:
Our school’s order number is: 20957

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