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Ashley Crest

Parent News

RSPV to Judge Graduation Project

Who to Contact

  • Student Check-Out and Attendance
    The best way to check-out your student during the school day is to send in a note saying when and why the student needs to leave school. Your student should deliver the note to the attendance office before school begins. You may also email the attendance office at

    AHS Attendance Policy

  • Guidance and Scheduling
    Contact Student Services by emailing your child's school counselor or call their front desk at
    (910) 790-2360 ext. 132

  • Question or Issue for a Teacher
  • Always make contact with your child's teacher about any concerns first. Email is the best way to open communication. If you do not get a reply in a timely manner or still have a concern, feel free to contact a member of administration. Good parent/teacher communication is one of the most powerful tools in education.

  • Special Education Services
  • Special Education and Related Services Manual

  • Medical and Health Services
  • WHAT Clinic
    School Nurse