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New Hanover County Schools
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NHCS - Athletics Department


GOALS- To help improve the academic abilities and performances of all New Hanover County Athletes. To improve the ACT and SAT test scores of athletes. Making a college education possible for many of our young athletes.

PROGRAM - A tutorial program has been established for the academic disciplines of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies at Ashley, Hoggard, Laney, and New Hanover High schools. Instructional supervisors in the academic disciplines, along with faculty provides tutoring to any athlete that is not achieving satisfactory progress or fail to pass a course during any nine week period.

An athlete that fails a subject is required to attend the tutorial program two hours each week for the next nine week grading period. Tutorial hours are in excess of the normal school day. Hours required are before or after normal school hours.

Head coaches are required to send any student athlete that fails a course to these sessions and nay athlete who is having difficulty with academic work, but not failing, may also receive assistance from the tutorial program.

FUNDING - Initial funding was provided by a grant from the General Electric Company for Excellence in Athletics and Academics.

Continued funding will come from the receipts of the Leon Brogden Holiday Basketball Tournament and the BB&T Football Jamboree.