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New Hanover County Schools
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NHCS - Board of Education

The Chairperson appoints Board representatives on all committees
 and will serve as an ex officio member on all such committees.


Policy Committee Board Members:  Jeannette Nichols, Chair; Donald Hayes and David Wortman
The Policy Committee is comprised of three Board members - one who chairs, and administrative staff at the direction of the Superintendent or designee.

One of the most important duties of the New Hanover County Board of Education is to adopt policies that provide direction and guidance for the school system. This committee works with the Superintendent/staff in the development and revision of all policies and uses an online electronic form to solicit input from the community.

The committee normally meets once a month before a Board Meeting. These meetings are announced and are open to the public. Minutes are posted to the NHCS website.
Budget Development Committee Board Members:  Entire Board
Budget Development Committee is comprised of three Board members - one who chairs, and administrative staff at the direction of the Superintendent or designee.

The committee works with the Superintendent and staff to facilitate the appropriation of funds and to assist in the formulation of the annual budget.

The committee normally meets in December, January and February. These meetings are announced and are open to the public. Minutes are posted to the NHCS website.
Board of Education Representatives
Advisory Council for Exceptional Students
Board Member:  Lisa Estep

ACES is comprised of a Board member, the Director of Special Education, school personnel, parents and community members.

The following are the responsibilities of ACES (Advisory Council for Exceptional Students): study the school offerings in-depth to determine the degree to which schools are serving children with special needs; make recommendations for needed improvements to the New Hanover County Board of Education; and serve as an avenue of public sentiment for improvement in special needs education.

The council meets once a month during the traditional school year at various school sites. Meetings are usually held on the third Friday of the month from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Attendance at these meetings is necessary to be a part of the council.

Student Scholarship for Future Teachers Board Members:  Entire Board
The Administrative Assistant to the Board will coordinate all procedures regarding the Student Scholarship for Future Teachers.  The Board of Education will review all applications and meet to interview, select and award the New Hanover County Board of Education Student Scholarship for Future Teachers to four NHCS high school seniors..
Business Advisory Committee Board Member:  Edward Higgins
The Business Advisory Committee’s members assist in finding business that will enter into unique partnerships with the school system.

Meetings are held bi-monthly.
Calendar Committee Board Member:  Janice Cavenaugh
The Calendar Committee must have a representative from each of the following groups: the Board of Education, the senior leadership team, teachers, parents and a principal from each of the school levels.

The purpose of the Calendar Committee is to create the district's six annual calendars: traditional school calendar, year-round calendar, pre-k calendar, Isaac Bear Early College High School calendar, Wilmington Early College High School calendar and Lake Forest Academy calendar. The committee solicits input from the district and the community. Based on the information gathered and state calendar guidelines the committee generates draft calendars to present to the Board of Education for approval

The committee meets twice per year.
Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation Board Member:  Edward Higgins
School System:  Dr. Tim Markley
The Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation is comprised of various leaders in the community which includes a Board of Education member and the Superintendent.

The Foundation exists primarily to support public K-12 education in New Hanover and Pender Counties. As such, its activities include: fundraising for initiatives to improve public education; gathering input about educational needs from business and the community via forums and other means; serving as the link between the public schools and the business community; grant-making to individuals and organizations that seek to improve public education; and conducting assessments/evaluations/accountability.

The committee meets bi-monthly.
Educator of the Year Committee Board Member:  David Wortman

The Educator of the Year committee includes 14 members: one Board of Education member; one immediate past Teacher of the Year; one current Teacher of the Year; one immediate past Principal of the Year; one current Principal of the Year; one retired teacher; one parent of a student enrolled in New Hanover County Schools; one administrator; one high school teacher; one middle school teacher; one elementary school teacher; one past chairman who serves as ex-officio and two community representatives.

Members of the committee review the applications, interview and select candidates as the NHCS Educators of the Year.

The committee meets a total of three times during the months of April and May. The third time is an all day event that includes interviews. It is important that the Board member be available for the all day event.

Gifted Advisory Council Board Member:  Lisa Estep

The membership of the Gifted Advisory Council is comprised of ten persons: a member of the Board of Education, three employees, four parents of children in the school system and two community/business representatives. The term of appointment for membership shall be for two-year terms from August 1 to July 31 with one half of the memberships’ term expiring each year.

The establishment of the council is a requirement of the school board and state approved New Hanover County Schools Gifted Education Improvement Plan – Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG).
Specifically, the council will: monitor the timely and accurate implementation of all components of AIG; advocate, communicate and liaise with business and the community at large with respect to AIG; advise and make recommendations to the New Hanover County Board of Education with respect to the improvement of the overall AIG program at the district level.

The council shall hold regular monthly scheduled meetings when school is in session (except December). Additional sessions may be scheduled as necessary.

Hannah Block USO Committee School System: Tim McCoy
The Hannah Block USO Committee consists of seven members. Six appointed and approved of by the City Council and one appointed by the New Hanover County Board of Education Chair and approved of by the Council.

Members will provide feedback and comments to the City and the operators/management company regarding policies and operations of the facility.

The meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the HBHUSOCAC, 120 South 2nd Street.
Legion Stadium Commission Board Members:  Edward Higgins and Bruce Shell
Seven appointments to the Legion Stadium Commission are made by City Council to serve three-year, staggered terms with no one serving more than two consecutive terms.

Legion Stadium Commission makes recommendations for the improvement and use of Legion Stadium (facilities, fields, football/soccer field to the east of the stadium, Hardee Baseball field and the parking lot used for such facilities.)

The commission meets quarterly on the first Wednesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. at the Lord Spencer Conference Room, Wilmington City Hall, 102 North Third Street, Wilmington, NC 28401.
Parents Communications Committee Board Members:  Janice Cavenaugh and Lisa Estep
The Parents Communications Committee consists of the Superintendent, Senior Staff members, two Board members, parents and community members.

The purpose of the Parents Communications Committee is to review procedures and protocols related to parent and school communications.

Meetings will be announce and are open to the public.
Parks and Gardens Board Member:  Bruce Shell
The NHC Parks and Recreation Advisory Board has eight members which includes a Board of Education member and the assistant County Manager. Term of office is three years and members may not serve more than two consecutive terms and cannot be reappointed until at least one year after last term.

Regular meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 8:00 a.m. in the Parks Conference Room, NHC Government Center, 230 Government Center Drive.

The Board shall suggest policies to the Department, the Manager, the Board of County Commissioners; serve as liaison between the Department, the Manager, the Board of County Commissioners and citizens of the county; shall consult with and advise the Department, the Manager, and the Board of County Commissioners in matters affecting recreation policies, program, personnel, finances, and the acquisition and disposal of lands and properties related to the total county recreations program, and to its long-range, projected program for recreation.

The Board shall assume duties for park and recreation purposes as follows: 1) Make recommendations to set apart land for use as parks, playgrounds, recreation centers, water areas, or other recreations areas and structures, and suggest improvements of such lands and for the construction, equipping, and staffing of such buildings and structures as may be necessary to operate the park and recreation program. 2) Advise in the acquisition of lands and structures through gifts, purchase, lease or loan. 3) Advise in the acceptance by the County of any grant, gift, bequest or donation, any personal or real property offered or made available for parks and recreation. 4) Advise in the construction, equipping, operation, and maintenance of parks, playgrounds, recreation centers and all building and structures necessary.
Board of Education Ad Hoc Committees
Board of Directors for Head Start Board Member:  Bruce Shell
The Board of Education is the Board of Directors for Head Start.  The Board of Directors will meet the first Tuesday of every month during the NHC Board of Education's regular meeting.

A Policy Council must be established annually. It must comprise of two representatives: parents of currently enrolled children and community representatives. A Board of Education Member is invited to attend every meeting and act as the liaison between the governing bodies, but they have no voting rights. At least 51 percent of the members must be the parents of currently enrolled children.

The council works in partnership with the key staff and the governing body to develop, review and approve policies and procedures related to Head Start. The purpose is to have parents involved with policy development and decisions that are made for their child's education.

Meetings are held monthly the third Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Spencer Building in the old board room.
Compensation Review Committee Board Members: Lisa Estep, Edward Higgins, and Bruce Shell
Facilitator: Dr. John Welmers, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Member: Mary Hazel Small, Chief Financial Officer
The committee’s task would be to review the supplement structure for New Hanover County Schools’ employees and update the Board.
Class Size Compliance Committee Board Members: Donald Hayes and David Wortman
Administration: Eddie Anderson
The committee's task would be to review building capacitates to deal with the changes associated with K-3 class size reduction.