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Facility Conditions

Quality schools are essential in a community that recognizes that its most precious resource is its children. The mission of New Hanover County Schools, in collaboration with our parents and the community, is to strive to provide an excellent education in a safe and positive learning environment where they are prepared with critical skills to reach their full potential for a world yet to be imagined. Appropriate, modern facilities supportive of today’s technology are an essential component of fulfilling this mission and meeting community expectations for students.

The need to renovate or replace obsolete facilities is ongoing. Decreased capital funding over the past several years has resulted in deferred maintenance, repairs and replacement of essential building systems and components. Major renovations are needed at schools that have not had any significant work since originally constructed an average of 30+ years ago.

Facility Needs

The first paragraph of G.S.115C-521 requires Local Boards of Education to submit their long-range plans for meeting school facility needs to the State Board of Education every five years.  The last plan was submitted in 2010 - 2011.

This survey considers:

  • Capacities and enrollment projects for each school

  • Conditions for existing facilities

  • Educational adequacy of existing facilities


The last Facility Needs survey was completed in 2010-11 and identified needs totaling:


Today with inflation and escalating construction costs, those same needs are estimated to exceed $400 million.