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Annual Capital Funding

  • Primarily for building upkeep and repair
  • Includes State Lottery and County appropriation
  • State ADM fund eliminated 2007-2008

The Need - Capital Funding- Chart showing Capital Fund from 2003 - 2013

Capital funds are budgeted each year as part of the annual capital budget process. These funds are used primarily for building upkeep and repair. Recent projects include roof replacement, HVAC equipment replacement, lighting and electrical improvements, and replacement of doors and hardware.

In 1987, the NC General Assembly established the Public School Building Capital Fund to assist county governments in meeting their public school building needs. During this time, capital funds received averaged $5 million per year, and peaked at just over $7 million in FY 2006-07. However, the Public School Building Capital Fund was eliminated in 2008, two years after the inception of the NC Education Lottery. This, along with the downturn in the economy, resulted in the lowest levels of capital funding from FY 2007-08 through FY 2012-13. Recently, New Hanover County has begun to restore capital funding to the schools and hopes to continue this in the future.

Education Lottery

The Need - Funding - Education Lottery Teacher Salaries 46%, School Construction 21%, PreK Program 16%, Need-based College Scholarships 6%, UNC Need-Based Financial Aid 2% UNC Need Based Financial Aid Reserver 7%, Digital Learning 2%

Lottery funds provided each year represent only about 4% of what the state spends on education annually. The lottery helps fund teachers’ salaries, school construction, pre-kindergarten, college scholarships, and financial aid grants. However, since the inception of the lottery in 2006, other funds that were once received were eliminated or reduced, resulting in no net increase. Today the only new funding provided by the lottery are scholarships and financial aid.