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Increased Enrollment

Student enrollment is at an all time high of over 26,000, and the School System is over capacity by approximately 3,500 students in grades K-12. Enrollment has exceeded NCDPI projections for the past several years, and is expected to grow by another 3,000 students within the next seven years. Presently, students are meeting in crowded and inappropriate spaces such as cafeterias, hallways, stages, storage rooms, workrooms, and trailers. There are currently 84 trailers, some that date back to the 1960s, in use throughout our school district. Four more trailers have been purchased and will be installed this summer for use in the upcoming school year.

Capacity of trailers used in district equals 3 elementary schools.

Recent Growth in Enrollment
2010-11 SY 24,805 students  
2011-12 SY 25,001 students + 196 students
2012-13 SY 25,756 students + 755 students
2013-14 SY 26,247 students + 491 students

3,548 students over capacity

Projected Membership

Projected Membership through 2021 over 3,000 students in 7 years. From 25,267 in 2013-14 to 28,391 in 2020-21


Additional 3,000 plus students by 2020