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Meet Our Faculty and Staff

The Pre-K Team      

Jennifer Sulloway
Mrs. Jennifer Sulloway

Teresa Brandon
Mrs. Teresa Brandon
The Kindergarten Team      
Angela Hayden
Mrs. Angela Hayden
Bridgette Johnson
Mrs. Bridgette Johnson
Merideth Perry
Mrs. Merideth Perry
Jenni Roberson
Mrs. Jenni Roberson
Tamara Williams
Ms. Tamara Williams
1st Grade Team      
Marissa Czombos
Mrs. Marissa Czombos

Candice Houseman
Mrs. Candice Houseman

Holly Jones
Ms. Holly Jones
Brittany Colagerakis
Ms. Brittany Colagerakis






Mrs. Katie Connors

2nd Grade Team      
Angelica Hicks
Mrs. Angelica Hicks

Kerrigan McAlarney
Mrs. Kerrigan McAlarney

Melinda Miller
Ms. Melinda Miller
Kayli Johnson
Mrs. Kayli Johnson
Jessica Williams
Mrs. Jessica Williams
3rd Grade Team      
Megan Bradley
Ms. Megan Bradley
Trevor Todd
Mr. Trevor Todd
Megan Burley
Mrs. Megan Burley
Mary Sulava
Ms. Mary Sulava
Kayla Graham
Ms. Kayla Graham
4th Grade Team      
Cathy Duerr
Ms. Cathy Duerr
Denise Fox
Mrs. Denise Fox
Robert Voestch-Rainford
Mr. Robert Voetsch-Rainford






Mrs. Marissa Heckel

5th Grade Team      

Chelsea Litzinger

Ms. Chelsea Litzinger

Amanda Edwards
Ms. Amanda Edwards






Ms. Michelle Brainard

Teacher Assistants      
Becca Beitel
Mrs. Becca Beitel
Saralyn Bland
Mrs. Saralyn Bland
Sheryl Eamma
Mrs. Sheryl Eamma
Tracy Nowak
Ms. Tracy Nowak
Terri Dearie
Mrs. Terri Dearie
Our Specialist Team      
Peggy Cleary
Ms. Peggy Cleary

Catherine Charles
Ms. Catherine Charles
Nathan Faulk
Mr. Nathan Faulk

Lori Winner
Mrs. Lori Winner

Media Specialist


Our Resource Staff

Brandy Conley
Mrs. Brandy Conley

Carrie Herstine
Mrs. Carrie Herstine
Instructional Coach
Alison Linkner
Mrs. Alison Linkner

Our EC Team      






Miranda Lancaster

Anthony Corvino
Mr. Anthony Corvino

Shauna Pirozzolo
Mrs. Shauna Pirozzolo

Tracy Plumley
Mrs. Tracy Plumley
Speech Therapist

Sarah Rose
Ms. Sarah Rose

Our EC Para-Educators      

Mrs. Heather Noe
Saundra Stevens
Mrs. Saundra Stevens
Mary Jo Stewart
Mrs. Mary Jo Stewart

Ms. Megan Thomas

Our Office Staff      

Kristen Aust
Mrs. Kristen Aust


Matt Barker
Mr. Matt Barker

Mental Health
Kristin Bednarczyk
Mrs. Kristin Bednarczyk

Ms. Colleen Applewhite
School Nurse

Ms. Martinez
Ms. Laura Martinez


Mrs. Pavik
Mrs. Paula Pavlik

Data Manager

Candy Robbins
Ms. Candy Robbins

Social Worker
Mrs. Todd
Mrs. Lisa Todd

Frances Mueses
Ms. Frances Mueses
Parent Liason
Our Custodial Staff      
Ms. Hill-Wells
Ms. Hill-Wells
Ursla Mitchell
Ms. Ursla Mitchell

Our Cafeteria Staff