Mr. Elmore - Principal
Room 102
Email Graham Elmore
Mrs. Horton - Assistant Principal
Room 103
Email Kimberly Horton
Mrs. Nye - Front Desk Secretary
Room 100
Email Nina Nye
Mrs. Ganey - Data Manager
Room 101
Email Sheila Ganey
Ms. Howell - School Nurse
Room 111
Owen Howell's Website    Email Owen Howell
Ms. Eldridge - Treasurer
Room 110
Email Gail Eldridge

Instructional Support
Mrs. Southerland - Instructional Coach
Room 309
Debbie Southerland's Website    Email Debbie Southerland
Ms. Sandrin - EC Resource
Room 122
Jamie Sandrin's Website    Email Jamie Sandrin
Mrs. Maples - AIG
Room 106
Karma Maple's Website    Email Karma Maples
Mr. Deese - Guidance Counselor
Room 106B
Scott Deese's Website    Email Scott Deese
Mrs. Springle - School Psychologist
Room 106A
Email Jenne Springle
Mrs. McGee - Speech Therapist
Room 205
Laura McGee's Website    Email Laura McGee

Grade Level Instructors
Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade
Ms. Ashley
Room 203
Heather Gregory's Website    Email Katelynn Ashley
Ms. Klingensmith
Room 207
Lisa Klingensmith's Website    Email Ms. Klingensmith
Ms. Bianchi
Room 209
Christine Bianchi's Website    Email Christine Bianchi
Ms. Abrams
LC 252
Ms. Abram's Website    Email Ms. Abrams
Ms. Lowell
Room 202
Kristi Lowell's Website    Email Kristi Lowell
Mrs. Maddox
Room 210
Cynthia Maddox's Website    Email cynthia Maddox
Mrs. Fowler
Room 208
Diane Fowler's Website    Email Diane Fowler
Mrs. Baysden
Room 120
Mrs. Baysden's Website    Email Stacy Baysden
Mrs. Snow
Room 204
Diane Snow's Website    Email Diane Snow
Ms. Tait
Room 211
Angela Tait's Website    Email Angela Tait
Ms. Rayno
Room 304
Danielle Rayno's Website    Email Danielle Rayno
Mr. Jeffreys
LC1 250
Michael Jeffreys Website    Email Michael Jeffreys
Mrs. Walters
Room 201
Jenny Walters' Website    Email Jenny Walters
Ms. Imperial
Room 203
Mrs. Imperial's Website    Email Ms. Imperial
Ms. Capuano-Deese
Room 306
Mrs. Deese's Website    Email Ms. Capuano-Deese
Mrs. Youmans
LC2 251
Kristi Youmans' Website    Email Kristi Youmans
    Mrs. Choate
Room 303
Stacy Baysden's Website    Email Jennifer Choate
4th Grade 5th Grade SDA - DL SDA - FA
Ms. Freck
Room 310
Mrs. Freck's Website    Email Tisa Freck
Mrs. Bennett
Room 314
Meghan Bennett's Website    Email Meghan Bennett
Mrs. Stevens
Room 212
Hayley Meadow's Website    Email Hayley Meadows
Mrs. Schauer
Room 214
Ashley Schauer's Website    Email Ashley Schauer
Mrs. Durant
Room 311
Melinda Durant's Website    Email Melinda Durant
Mrs. Carter
Room 312
Kristy Carter's Website    Email Kristy Carter
Mrs. LaChapelle
Email Jenny LaChapelle
Ms. Autry
Email Ms. Autry
Ms. Delo
Room 305
Lisa Fornelli's Website    Email Lisa Fornelli
Mr. Scarletto
Room 313
David Scarletto's Website    Email David Scarletto
Mrs. Goodson
Email Kristi Goodson
Ms. Dailey
Room 400
Kara Robertson's Website    Email Kristina Dailey
Mrs. Saba
Room 307
Julie Saba's Website    Email Julie Saba
Mrs. Boger
Room 213
Crystal Boger's Website    Email Crystal Boger
Mr. Boyle
Email Mr. Boyle
Ms. Schilly
Email Ms. Schilly
    Ms. Price
Email Ms. Price
Teacher Assistants
Mrs. Hicks
Room 210
Email Janice Hicks
Ms. Meyers
Room 204
Email Ms. Katie Meyers
Mrs. Lilly
LC3 252
Email Kara Lilly
Mrs. Williams
Room 203
Email Margaret McSteen
Mr. Marlowe

Email Mr. Coty Marlowe
Mrs. Shrewsbury
Room 207
Email Julie Shrewsbury
Mrs. Tokoly
Room 211
Email Ellen Tokoly


Specials Teachers

Art Media Music Physical Education
Mrs. Waldkirch
Room 302
Email Virginia Waldkirch
Ms. Seales
Room 116
Ms. Seales' Website    Email Ms. Seales
Mrs. Tyndall
Room 117
Mary Tyndall's Website    Email Mary Tyndall
Mrs. Schatz
Room 117
Email Anna Schatz
Mrs. Cole
Room 112
Area tech assistant Website    Email Mrs.Stephanie  Cole

Afterschool Staff Cafeteria Staff Custodial Staff
Mrs. Dowd-Williams - Director
Room 112
Lateisha Dowd-William's Website    Email Lateisha Dowd-Williams
Mrs. Cook - Manager
Room 413
Email Sharea Cook
Mr. Davis - Head Custodian
Room 108
Email Eric Davis
Ms. Anderson
Email Janie Anderson
Mrs. Durant
Email Teresa Durant
Mr. Ellerby
Email Don Ellerby
Mrs. Cable
Email Rebecca Cable
Ms. Holliday
Email Malikah Holliday
Mr. Russ
Email Willie Russ
Ms. Frump
Email Mary Frump
Mrs. Nixon
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Mrs. Winn
Email Coquenta Winn
Ms. Selina
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