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School Safety and Crisis Management

Parents Guide to Emergency Situations at School

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What parents should know about emergencies at school................. click here!

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In a school emergency, your cooperation and understanding of the situation is very essential. Through each school's crisis safety plan, there are orderly procedures that will help all students. School officials need your support in their efforts to keep everyone safe. For the safety of your child and all students, it is critically important that you:  Remain as calm as possible.

DO NOT attempt to go to the school. Access routes and streets need to be clear for emergency vehicles. Traffic congestion will make emergency response much more difficult for police, ambulances, and fire departments to get to the school to deal with the emergency quickly. This is an issue of safety.

Remain at home or at work to make it easier for officials to contact you, if necessary. If the school sends your child home on the bus, it is vitally important that you be there to receive your child.

DO NOT call your child on his/her cell phone. If numerous people are using cell phones at one location, it will jam the airways, which will overload the system and could prevent emergency and school officials from using their cell phones. This would seriously hinder efforts to help students.

DO NOT call your child's school building as telephone lines will need to remain open to deal with the emergency. If the phone system, is overloaded, it will hinder efforts to help students and to provide information.

Listen to the local TV and radio stations for information.

Radio Stations

WAAV-AM 998 FM (94.1)         WGNI-FM    

COAST-FM (97.3)     

WMFD WKOO-FM (98.7)      
WSFM SURF-FM (107) WZFX 99/1    

WWQQ-FM (101.3)                   


Television Stations

WECT- Channel 6 WWAY- Channel 3 WSFX- Channel 26 Channel 14 News