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Community Use of School Property and Facilities

The New Hanover County Board of Education supports greater community involvement in the public schools through the use of school property and facilities. Auditoriums, cafeterias, gymnasiums and other portions of school property may be used when such use does not interfere with regular and special activities sponsored by the New Hanover County Schools.

To use the New Hanover County Schools facilities there is a custodial/staff fee, rental fee, and general liability insurance requirement. The gyms and athletic fields are also scheduled through the Facility Use Coordinator, Frankie Pollock. The fees and general use information for facilities can be obtained by calling 254-4319.

All requests for facility use should be sent in writing to Frankie Pollock via either email ( ) or fax (910.254.4479).

Included in all requests should be the name of the facility requested, date, time, and nature of the event, expected attendance, and the name and contact information of the requestor.

It is recommended that you request the use of a facility as far in advance as possible. The demand to use facilities far exceeds the actual availability.