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New Hanover County Schools
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Finance Department

Staff Directory

Mary Hazel M. Small, Chief Financial Officer 910.251.2988
    Donna Rosser, Administrative Assistant 910.254.4217
    Holly Acker, Budget Analyst 910.254.4150
    Joyce Bristow, Budget Coordinator
    Ondrea Sidbury, Budget Specialist 910.254.4357
    Allison Bridges, Financial Analyst 910.254.4244
Rhonda Turner, Director of Finance 910.254.4239
    Laine McKnight, Accounting Specialist 910.254.4358
    Tonice Brewer-Moss, Finance Systems Specialist
Karen Mccall, Accounting Supervisor 910.254.4354
    Melissa Julian, Accounting/Insurance Support Associate 910.254.4278
    Eileen Callori, Accounting Support Associate 910.254.4324
    Gladis Romero, Accounting Support Associate 910.254.4250
    Adaliz Broadbridge, Accounts Payable Support Associate 910.254.4341
    Glenda Lamb, Accounts Payable Support Associate 910.254.4265
    Caroline Wheeler, Accounts Payable Support Associate 910.254.4251
Jeanne Dubendorf, Payroll Supervisor 910.254.4343
    Trudy Ludwiczak, Lead Payroll Support Associate 910.254.4322
    Monica Ballard, Payroll Support Associate 910.254.4254
    Susan Beauchamp, Payroll Support Associate 910.254.4213
    Glenda Elliott, Payroll Support Associate 910.254.4261
    Connie Salisbury, Payroll Support Associate 910.254.4263