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New Hire Information


New Hire-Hiring Process

  1. At the conclusion of the interview process the principal or supervisor submits their recommendation for hiring to Human Resources.

  2. A criminal background check is conducted.

  3. A position offer will be made by a Human Resources Administrator upon receipt of applicant's education verification.

  4. After accepting this position, a Human Resource support associate will contact you to schedule your orientation. The orientation typically occurs after your health certificate form and TB test have been completed by a doctor.

  5. Please understand that the New Hire forms are NOT needed until AFTER you have accepted a position with New Hanover County Schools.

Pre-Employment Orientation

Orientation is designed to give new employees a preview of the school system's policies and requirements. New employees have the opportunity to ask any questions they need answered. You will also be submitting required paperwork for the new hire process during this meeting (listed below).


New Hire Forms

Frequently asked questions about Orientation are listed below:


How long does the Orientation last?

The orientation meeting lasts about 2 hours. The Benefits Orientation is included in the orientation meeting.



What should I bring?

  • Appropriate identification for completion of the federal Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9). You will need to bring original forms of your identification documents, no photocopies or faxed copies.

  • An original Social Security card for payroll purposes (No copies, this can also be used as one part of the Identification pieces for the I-9).

    If you do not have your social security card you will need to apply for one at the local
    Social Security Employment Office
    1528 S. 16th Street Wilmington, NC 28401

  • Completed health certificate with TB results.

  • A voided check for direct deposit

  • Completed New Hire forms (see list above) 

Where do I report for the Orientation?

6410 Carolina Beach Road/2nd Floor


Where can I get a physical and TB test for my Health Certificate? Who pays for this exam?

The local Health Department, a walk-in clinic, or your family doctor will be able to administer a TB test and complete the physical form for you. The fee is the responsibility of the employee.


Can I email or mail the New Hire forms to you prior to orientation?

Yes, you can email your paperwork to the support associate that contacts you for orientation or mail to New Hanover County Schools, 6410 Carolina Beach Road, Wilmington NC 28412.


What is your fax number?

Classified and Certified's fax number is 910-254-4471. Please be sure to attention your information to the appropriate department (classified or certified). Other fax numbers are listed below.
Classified and Certified hiring 910-254-4471
Benefits 910-254-4129
Certification Department 910-254-4134
Substitute hiring 910-254-4413