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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in becoming a substitute teacher.
An effective substitute teacher is a vital part of student learning in the absence of a teacher.

Our goal, in collaboration with our parents and the community, is to provide children an opportunity for a superior education in a safe, positive learning environment where they are prepared with the skills to succeed. We trust that our substitutes will embrace our mission,
as our most precious resources are placed in their care.

Applicants interested in substitute teaching should have obtained a high school diploma or equivalent. Applicants must also pass a background check and complete all required paperwork. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

You may apply to be a substitute anytime, however, completed applications will only be pulled in July, October and January unless needs dictate otherwise. Depending on the number of substitutes needed, we will hire all those who are qualified and approved.

Before applying, please make sure you read Expectations of All Substitutes, Dress Code and the Sub Handbook.

All applicants must apply on-line by going to  to complete an application.

You must also click here to download and print the required paperwork (the first 6 forms on the list which are the Health Certificate, I9, Direct Dep., W-4, NC-4, and EEO form) and submit it along with the Disclosure and Authorization form in addition to number 1 and number 3 below to the substitute office at the address listed at the bottom.

In addition to completing the forms in the above link, you must also submit the following:

  1. Proof of Education and copy of teaching license (if applicable)

  2. Principal Interview – A principal interview must be completed for elementary and either middle or high school. The applicant should contact the school(s) of choice to schedule an interview. The interview may also be conducted by the assistant principal if directed by the principal. The principal or designee will submit the interview form to the sub office.

  3. Copy of your driver’s license and social security card or passport that has not expired. These can be submitted at the time you submit your other paperwork.

Previous NHCS Employees: Please complete the Former NHCS Employee Application. The sub office will contact you for additional paperwork if needed. NOTE: NHCS employees separated longer than 5 years must complete the entire application package.

Once applicants have submitted all the required paperwork and had their principal interviews, your application and information will be reviewed and appropriately selected. When all paperwork has been approved, the applicant will be sent an email and be required to complete and pass an online *Employment orientation and if applicable, an Effective Teacher Training course. In addition, the applicant will complete the state health form and obtain a TB test before reporting to work. *Note that the review and approval of each application will take several days

*The online Employment Orientation will cost $39.00 ($49.00 with Effective Substitute Teacher Training (ETT). The Employment Orientation ($39.00) will be required for all applicants. The $49.00 course is for those that do not have a teaching degree. (A link to these courses will be emailed to you after all paperwork has been +approved).

Optional: Licensed teachers may request to be excluded from taking the orientation by signing the
Letter of Attestation.

Substitute Hours are capped at 129 hours per month

Salary Rates:

$103.00 / day

Daily rate for a substitute that holds a clear active or expired Teaching License from NC or any other state and Interns who hold a pending completion letter. A person who has a provisional license that has expired does not qualify.

$80.00 / day

Daily rate for a substitute that has completed the Effective Teacher Training Program as evidenced by an “award of completion.”

$80.00 / day

Daily rate paid to any substitute working for a Teacher Assistant (certified or not).

are paid at half the daily salary rate (example: half day for a teacher assistant is $40.00)

Long Term Substitutes

  • Must be on the New Hanover County active substitute list.
  • Must hold an active NC teaching certificate in the appropriate content area.
  • The principal of the school will make the recommendation.
  • The long term assignment must be for 4 weeks (20 days) or more.
  • The long term assignment must be approved by the Human Resources Department.

Long Term Substitutes will be paid on the state teacher salary scale A-O which is currently $3500.00 per month. A long term substitute is not eligible for benefits including sick leave, holiday pay, vacation pay, etc. Those days (sick, holiday, vacation) will be deducted on a monthly basis when incurred.

Mail or drop off all required information to: New Hanover County Schools
Attention: Substitute Office
6410 Carolina Beach Road
Wilmington, NC 28412



Please contact Becky Gresham at 910-254-4345 if you have any questions.