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New Hanover County Schools
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Accidents and Insurance Claims

The New Hanover County School District has a wide variety of Insurance Coverage that is involved with all aspects of the daily operations of the schools. Insurance policies, insurance claims, and other related insurance issues will now be combined and handled as part of the Risk Management Program under the Leadership of the Legal Department as part of the Student Services Division of the School District. Some of the goals of the program are safety and loss prevention, elimination and/or reduction of risk, and mitigation of damages. Instructions on how to report claims, claims forms, and other insurance related issues can be found on this site by clicking on the appropriate topic on the left side of the page.

All incidents occurring on school property or during school related events should be reported immediately via the "Incident Report" located on the left side of this page. Many "incidents" do not develop into insurance claims and in those cases, only the incident report is required. For incidents that involve any type of claim for damages such as an injury, time off from work, loss of or damage to school property or assets, an additional report may be required, by clicking on the appropriate category on the left and following the instructions.

All incident reports should be emailed to and as soon as possible after the incident occurs.

Timely and accurate reporting of all incidents and claims is critical. If you are not sure if an incident will be escalating into a claim or if you have any other questions regarding insurance or claims please call Julie Moore at 910-254-4231 or email Julie at