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Cadets Storm SCCOLS

Eight Laney High School Air Force Junior ROTC cadets successfully completed a weeklong cadet officer leadership school at the Citadel in Charleston South Carolina. This school consists of rigorous physical training, drill and ceremonies, personal inspection, room inspections, time management, and a demanding course of academic studies. There were cadets from all over the United States and six exchange students from Singapore. The cadets distinguished themselves and the AFJROTC program at E. A. Laney.
The following cadets were awarded the Summer Leadership Ribbon for completing the program:
Luis Aguilera, Atwood Boyd, Ross Carver, Jessi Farrow, Michael Glisson, James Graves, Kelsey Hall, and Sara Westbrook.

Luis Aguilera, Atwood Boyd, and Ross Carver were presented the Physical Fitness Ribbon for successfully meeting and completing all the demanding physical conditioning requirements.
Atwood Boyd was also presented the AFJROTC Outstanding Flight Ribbon as a member of the outstanding flight for the week.
Ross Carver and Michael Glisson met the requirements and were presented the AFJROTC Outstanding Cadet Ribbon and a trophy for their overall achievements in all activities during the week.
Kelsey Hall was presented the AFJROTC Academic Ribbon for scoring in the top ten percent academically. Kelsey was also the recipient of the AFJROTC Leadership ribbon and the Co-Curricular ribbons for her outstanding leadership as the flight commander of “C” flight.
Ross Carver and James Graves were awarded the AFJROTC Drill Ribbon for completing the drill evaluation in the top ten (10%) of the 270 cadets attending the leadership school.
Sarah Westbrook was recognized as having the best overall score in room inspections and awarded the AFJROTC Superior Performance Ribbon and a trophy.

New Hanover County Drill Meet 2005

Annual Invitational JROTC Drill Meet Winners Announced

The Annual New Hanover County Invitational JROTC Drill Meet was held at E. A. Laney High   School on Saturday, February 12, 2005. High schools participating included Ashley, New Hanover,  Pender, East Columbus, South Columbus, Whiteville, and the host school, E. A. Laney.

The competition included close order drill in nine events with and without weapons, for  individuals as well as teams of seven and teams of thirteen.  In addition, there was competition with four-man color guard teams and an inspection of the Platoon/Flight without arms representing each school. The following are the results:

Event/Position First Second Third
Squad/Element w/o Arms Ashley Laney Pender
Platoon/Flight w/o Arms Pender S. Columbus Laney
Squad/Element with Arms New Hanover Ashley Pender
Platoon/Flight with Arms Ashley E. Columbus Pender
Color Guard with Arms Pender Ashley E. Columbus
Individual Male Pender E. Columbus Laney
Individual Female Laney New Hanover E. Columbus
First Year Cadets      
Squad/Element w/o Arms E. Columbus Laney Ashley
Platoon/Flight w/o Arms E. Columbus New Hanover Laney
Color Guard w/o Arms Laney E. Columbus Pender
Knockout w/o Arms Cade Cook - Pender Cadet Jones - Ashley Cadet Vaughn - Whiteville
Knockout with Arms Cadet Kuffell - Ashley Cadet Pederson - Ashley Cadet Shriver - NHHS
Best Dressed New Hanover Ashley Laney

The overall winner of the drill meet was East Columbus High School.


12 Feb 2005:  The Drill Team earned second place in the New Hanover County Drill Meet.  The following achieved trophies:

1st Place

Individual Drill Routine, Female - Kelsey Hall
1st Year Color Guard - James Graves, Commander

2nd Place

1st Year Cadet Element w/o Arms - TJ Wilson, Commander
Element w/o Arms (All Ranks) - Matt Forstner, Commander

3rd Place

Flight w/o Arms (All Ranks) - Tim Maynard, Commander
1st Year Cadet Flight w/o arms - Sarah Westbrook, Commander
Individual Drill Routine, Male - Luis Aguilera

South Carolina Cadet Officer Leadership School

June 2004:  Six cadets participated at the South Carolina Cadet Officer Leadership School (COLS).  Luis Aguilera, Kelsey Hall, Hunter Motahari, Janae Walker, Daniel Norris, Latisha Harrison.  Kelsey was recognized for excellence in Drill.

New Hanover County Drill Meet

14 Feb 2004:  The Drill Team earned second place in the New Hanover County Drill Meet.  The following achieved trophies:

1st Place

Element with arms - Commander - Hunter Motahari

First Year Element - Commander - Luis Aguilera

2nd Place

First Year Element - Luis Aguilera

First Year Color Guard - Ross Carver

Armed Color Guard - Josh O'Connell

Flight without arms - Chris Smith

Flight with Arms - Sam Caison

Armed Knock Out - Matt Humphrey

Unarmed Knockout - Kelley Narramore

3rd Place

Individual Drill Regulation (IDR) - Michael Johnson

Armed Knock Out - Hunter Motahari

Coastal Classic Drill Meet (Oct 2003)

3rd Place - Unarmed Element -Commander Jonathan Summers

3rd Place - Female Color Guard - Commander Krystal Jones

North Carolina State University Drill Meet  (Sep 2003)

2nd Place - Armed Flight - Commander - Matt Humphrey

South Carolina Cadet Officer Leadership School

23 June 2003:  Eight cadets attended SCCOLS at the Citadel, Charleston, SC.  Krystal Jones, Nia Hunt, Matt Forstner, Hunter Motahari, Josh O'Connell, Janae Walker, Chris Smith and Jon Summers.


Cadets Attend Leadership School

30 June 2001:  Seven Laney High School students attended the North Carolina Cadet Officer Leadership School at Fort Bragg/Pope AFB, NC.  Cadet Jessica Fulton was the 2nd Squadron Commander and Cadet Joshua Chesson was a Flight Commander.  Cadets Charles Greene, Lee Brunson, Nia Hunt, Rebecca Price and Patrick Kiskaden attended  the encampment for the first time.  Cadets Brunson and Price were achieved Outstanding Flight ribbons and Cadet Hunt was designated the outstanding cadet in her flight.

NCSU Invitational Drill Meet

30 September 2000:  The Drill Team competed in the North Carolina State University Invitational Drill Meet.  The Armed Fancy Flight, commanded by Cadet James Franklin, earned a second place trophy in the competition.

Laney Cadets Attend Leadership Training

1 July 2000:  Ten Laney High School cadets attended the North Carolina Cadet Officer Leadership School at Fort Bragg/Pope AFB, NC.  Cadet Ryan Hopkins was the Group Commander for the camp.  Cadet Caleb Phillips was assigned as the D Flight Commander.  Cadets Daniel Owens, Danielle Nixon, Alexis Milner, Anita Fitzgerald, Joshua Chesson, and Patience Newkirk attended the encampment for the first time.  Cadets Dale Powell and Jessica Fulton returned as basic cadets in their respective flights.  Academic honors were earned by cadets Fitzgerald, Fulton and Powell.

Laney ROTC wins 2nd place

30 April 2000:  Laney High School's Air Force Junior-ROTC took second place in a nationwide video contest competition. The theme for this year's competition was "Recruiting Students into AFJROTC." The requirements included preparing a 60- to 90-second video that demonstrated reasons to join AFJROTC. Cadets Joshua Donahue and Alexis Milner worked with the school audiovisual instructor, Chris Nubel, to gather video footage, edit video tape and produce the video. The AFJROTC NC 802 unit will be presented with an engraved plaque and a $750 award at a presentation ceremony.  The unit will also be recognized at the Air Force Association's National Convention, Sept. 11-13, in Washington, D.C.

Laney High School Holds Annual Awards Night

20 April 2000:  During its annual awards ceremony in April, Cadets of NC 802 were recognized for their achievements during the 1999-2000 school year.  In a change of command ceremony, Cadet Ryan A. Hopkins assumed command from Cadet Jason M. Girard for the 2000-2001 school year.

The following cadets achieve National and high Unit awards:

Air Force Association Award   Ryan A. Hopkins
Distinguished AFJROTC Cadet   Ryan A. Hopkins
Outstanding Senior Cadet   Jason M. Girard
Outstanding Junior Cadet   Ryan A. Hopkins
Outstanding Sophomore Cadet   Anita Fitzgerald
Outstanding Freshman Cadet   M. Brandon Jones
Order of Daedalians Award   Jason M. Girard
American Legion Medallion   G. Richard King
American Legion Scholastic Award  Lindsay M. Corse
American Legion Military Excellence Award Alexis V. Milner
Stamp Defiance Chapter DAR Award  Anita Fitzgerald
American Veterans Award   Patience Newkirk
Reserve Officers Association Award  Timothy R. Davis
Military Order of the World Wars Award Clint E. Brown
The Retired Officers Association Award James F. Franklin
Veterans of Foreign Wards Award  Garrett D. Neher
National Sojourners Award   Joshua Donahue
Scottish Rites Bodies Award   Garrett K. Holder
Military Order of the Purple Heart Award Kristin R. Merrick
Air Force Sergeants Association Award Jessica L. Fulton
Tuskegee Airman Incorporated Award  E. Dale Powell
Principal’s Award
 Senior     Johnny L. Davis
 Junior     Dusty A. Sanders
 Sophomore    Joshua J. Chesson
 Freshman    C. Ryan Owen
Instructor’s Award    Caleb B. Phillips
Instructor’s Award    L. Philippe Kernisan

Laney Drill Team Members Place in Area Competition

15 April 2000:  E. A. Laney cadets Jason Girard and Alexis Milner achieved trophies in an Drill Meet sponsored by 71st High School, Fayetteville High School.  With over 25 schools representing JROTC programs along the east coast competing, Cadet Girard received a 1st place trophy in Individual Drill Routine, Fancy and Cadet Milner achieved 2nd Place in Individual Drill Routine, Female.

Laney Takes 1st Place

8 Apr 2000: This year's Azalea ROTC Parade Trophy was won by Laney's Air Force Junior ROTC Drill Team.  Laney is now a 12-time champion in the Retired Officers Association sponsored competition among high schools in New Hanover County.


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