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Faculty / Staff

Philip Sutton, Principal
Deanna Leake, Assistant Principal
Kimberly Clark, Assistant Principal
Wendy Bradshaw, Treasurer
Jean McDaniel, Data Manager
Karen Madera, Support Associate

Office Hours 8:00 - 3:45

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* Grade Level/Department Chair
Teachers with AIG Certification

6th Grade
Tricia Adame Math & Science
Carol Adams Language Arts & Social Studies
Leah Barnello* Language Arts & Social Studies
Amy Beecher Math
Amanda Dunn Science & Social Studies
Brianne Hoff * Math & Science
Tikisha Johnson Science
Jaclyn Moore Math
Kelly Oakley Language Arts & Social Studies
Shannon Styles* Language Arts
Denise Summerlin* Social Studies


7th Grade
Breanne Brunson Language Arts & Science
Chris Courie 7th / 8th Grade Science/NCVPS
Jacob Duvall Science & Social Studies
Robyn Hauck Math
Jayne Herman Math & Science
Katherine Hill Language Arts & Social Studies
Bradley Hodges 7th / 8th Grade Social Studies/NCVPS
Alexis Margulis Math & Social Studies
Jarred Meador Social Studies & Science
Daina Pina Science & Social Studies
Spring Pipes Language Arts
Linda Rice* Math & Science
Amy Steelman 7th / 8th Grade Language Arts
Sarah Titus Language Arts & Social Studies
Kristin Yeoman Math I & 7th / 8th Grade Math


8th Grade
Chris Courie 7th / 8th Grade Science / NCVPS
Elizabeth Crace Math & Math Coach
Mary Cox Language Arts
Blair Highsmith Social Studies
Bradley Hodges 7th / 8th Grade Social Studies / NCVPS
Ashlea Hoffmier Science
Robert Roth * Science & Social Studies
Pamela Smith Language Arts & Reading Coach
Amy Steelman 7th / 8th Grade Language Arts
Jessica Wells Math I & 8th Grade Math
Kristin Yeoman Math I & 7th / 8th Grade Math


Physical Education
Arts Education

Norm Ashley, PE
Byron Hager, PE, Athletic Director
Carly Noble, STAE, PE, Volleyball

Lori Patterson , Art
Christina Guenther, Chorus
Jasmine Hayes
, Orchestra
Hilary Peoples*, Theatre
David Tyson , Band
Career and Technical Education
Foreign Language

Paige Aiello, Family & Consumer Sciences
Melissa Lewis, Business & IT
Frank Novello, Technology
Eric Sadler, Career Decisions, Business & IT

Dustin Crump , Spanish


Exceptional Children
Support Personnel
Supplemental Services

Jessica Butcher, School Psychologist
Rebecca Clewis, EC Specialist
Leslie McLean, SDA/DL
Adam Procknal, EC Specialist
Caitlin Regan, EC/SDA/FA
Crystal Shook, AIG Coach & NCVPS
Ginger Turner*, EC Specialist
Thomas White, IBS
Judith Strauss, EC Specialist, IAS

Christina Waller, Mental Health Therapist
Jocelyn Graham, Nurse
Brian Jones, Social Worker
Kevin Cearfoss , ISS

Amy Thies, Counselor
- All of 8th grade
- 6th grade - H-Z first letter of last name

Tabitha Thompson, Counselor
- All of 7th grade
- 6th grade - A-G first letter of last name

Roberta Troy, Media Specialist
Diane Whitford, RTI Interventionist

Catrina Page, ESL
Margarita Longenecker, ESL/Hispanic
T. Lougher, SRO 

Cafeteria Staff
Custodial Staff

Cara Crews
Rebecca Dee
Jason Gabbard
Natalie Rodriguez
Perri Stewart
Kip Galyean

, Manager
Mary Ann Brady
Susan Clark
Marlene Cumbee
Marie Taylor
Chris Vengalli
Peggy West
Prudence Woods

Gerald Strong, Head Custodian
Gary Headman
Dennis Kisyk
Donald Koons
Darlene Lightfoot
TJ Miller
David Ward


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Fax: 910.790.2351

Charles P. Murray Middle School

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Wilmington, North Carolina 28412


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The mission of New Hanover County Schools, in collaboration with our parents and the community, is to strive to provide children an excellent education in a safe and positive learning environment where they are prepared with the critical skills to reach their full potential for a world yet to be imagined.

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