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MCS Noble Middle School, North Carolina High Growth School of Distinction 2010-2011, 6520 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28405, (910) 350-2112, Fax (910) 350-2109
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Cafeteria Rules & Information

Each person using the cafeteria is responsible for leaving the tables neat and clean for those who follow.

Students conduct in the cafeteria will determine to a great extent, the rules and regulations that govern them during this time.
Students will sit at assigned tables and eat at the assigned time unless otherwise notified.
Students must enter the cafeteria in an orderly manner.
Students will walk to the cafeteria and there is to be no “cutting” in line.
Students must deposit trays and trash in the containers provided.
All food must be consumed in the cafeteria.
If a student brings lunch from home, lunch and beverage must be kept in proper containers (lunch boxes, paper bags, no glass containers, etc.).

Cafeteria Prices

a la carte
a la carte

Every student is assigned a cafeteria number that must be used to make food/beverage purchases.

Parents may prepay by writing a check payable to 'Noble Cafeteria' or using 

No change will be given, but the balance will remain on your child’s account. 

Students are not allowed to buy sweets without purchasing a lunch.