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MCS Noble Middle School, North Carolina High Growth School of Distinction 2010-2011, 6520 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28405, (910) 350-2112, Fax (910) 350-2109
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Resource & Support Staff
Mrs. Jennifer Travaglia
(Computer Resource Teacher)
Mr. Eric Flore
(Dean of Students)
Mrs. Stacie Carilli
(ISCS Teacher)

Mrs. Maureen Meehan
AIG Teacher)
Ms. Andrea Krzyzewski
(6th, 7th & 8th Grade STAE Teacher)

Mrs. Andrea Dorow
(NCVPS Liaison)
Carrie Brown
(EC Teacher)
Ms. April Sheppard
(EC Teacher)
Ms. Sara Rode
(EC Teacher)
Ms. Sally Rhodes
(EC Teacher)

Ms. Ashley Matlock
(ESL Teacher)

Ms. Sandy Driver
(ISCS2 Teacher)
Ms. Elizabeth Hourigan
(IBS Teacher)
(School Resource Officer)
Syreeta Brown
Mr. Harry Shepherd
(Head Custodian)
Ms. Robin Bevill
(Cafeteria Manager)
Mrs. Staris Smith
Ms. Linda Webb
(Paraeducator )
Mr. Ronald Baker
Mrs. Marla Bernard
Ms. Marie Dixon
Ms. Sherry Kooyman
Ms. Julianne Davis
(Speech Therapist)