New Hanover County Schools
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Monthly Menus and Meal Pricing


Summer Menus


Breakfast -  Spanish
Cold Lunch Cold Lunch - Spanish
Hot Lunch
Hot Lunch - Spanish

July Menus


After School Snack  

August Menus 

Elementary Breakfast

Elementary Breakfast - Spanish
Middle/High Breakfast Middle/High Breakfast - Spanish
Lunch (CRECC) Elementary Lunch

Elementary Lunch - Spanish
High School Lunch

High School Lunch/Spanish
Lake Forest - Lunch

Lake Forest - Lunch/Spanish
Gluten Free - Lunch

TPYA Lunch
After School Snacks


A la Carte' Prices (2015-16 TBA)

Elementary     Middle High School


Meal Prices

PRE-K $1.35 $2.45
K-5 $1.35 $2.45
6-8 $1.35 $2.45
9-12 $1.35 $2.50
Reduced Students $0.00 $  .40
Adults - A la carte'    


High School:  A complete lunch includes: one entree', (this includes a meat/meat alternative and grain, choice of all vegetables, choice of two fruits and a choice of milk.

A variety of milk (.60 cents) is available at breakfast and lunch.