Searching New Hanover County Schools' Library Catalogs

Accelerated Reader Search

Link to the Media Center Book Search

When the OPAC window opens, click on Reading Program Search.
ar open

Fill in the reading level, points and/or subject you are looking for and click Search.

Type in a reading level or a range of levels (level..level).

one level: 3.4
range of levels: 3.4..4.6

Titles of books will appear that meet your search terms.  (AR point levels will be the number you requested or higher.) The word In means that the book is available for checkout at this time.  Double click on a title to see the reading level and quiz information. select
When you see a title you would like to locate in your media center, you can click Add to List to add it to your private book list.  To view your list, click My List.

If you want to print your list, click Print.

If you need any help with searching the OPAC, you can get more detailed directions by clicking on the question mark in the upper right hand corner of the OPAC screen