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  New Hanover County Schools
Enrollment/Registration Procedures

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If you have moved to the Wilmington area and you live within the Parsley Elementary district, your child(ren) may attend Parsley.  If you are unsure which school your child(ren) should attend, you may contact the New Hanover County Community Schools Office at 254-4221.

Information about and applications for NHCS Year-Round Schools, Magnet Schools, Open Enrollment, Open Choice, Employee Benefit, and Transfers are available on the NHCS School Assignment Options webpage. 

In accordance with New Hanover County enrollment policy, items the parents/guardians need to bring with them to enroll their child(ren) include:

  • current record of immunization (if it is not a part of the school record)
  • a certified (with the raised seal) copy of the birth certificate (mother's copy is not acceptable)
  • proof of residence in the form of a signed lease or rental agreement, current tax statement or a newly signed construction agreement or closing statement in the name of the parent(s), court appointed custodian, with a closing date within 120 days (telephone, cable, TV bills or driver's license are not accepted)
  • name and address of previous school
  • withdrawal slip from previous school (if available)
  • copy of the most recent report card from previous school (if available)
  • copy of custody agreement (if applicable)
  • photo ID

animated printerPrint out a checklist
(link to Kindergarten Registration checklist is below)

In addition to completing general information forms, you will also be asked to read and sign the following:

Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Forms are no longer be sent home at the beginning of the school year. If interested, you can email Parsley and we will provide you with the form(s).

Kindergarten Registration at Parsley Elementary teacher reading to students

Children presented for kindergarten enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year must be 5 years of age on or before August 31, 2017.  Kindergarten registration is Mar. 1-17, 2017.

Kindergartners must be registered at the school within their residence attendance area. Attendance areas may be determined by using the NHCS school locator or verified by contacting the Community Schools Office at 254-4221.

It is NOT necessary to bring your child to the school for registration. The registration will take approximately 15 minutes.

To enroll a child in kindergarten, parents must present the following:

  • Proof of Residence which must include one of the following:
    • Copy of a current lease, deed, property tax or homeowner’s insurance policy. Utility bills or Vehicle tax will NOT be accepted.

    Above items must be in the name of the parent(s), court-appointed custodian or legal guardian

  • Child's original certified birth certificate with raised seal (mother's copy is not acceptable)

    Certified birth certificate may be obtained by writing the Vital Records Branch, P.O. Box 29537, Raleigh, NC  27626, by calling (910) 733-3526, or by visiting the Vital Records Branch at 225 North McDowell Street (on the corner of Lane and McDowell).  They may also be obtained from the Register of Deeds office in the county of the child's birth.  The charge for a certified birth certificate is $10.00 per copy from the Register of Deeds and $24.00 from the Vital Records Branch.

  • Photo Identification
    • Valid driver's license, ID card or passport
  • Current Immunization Record showing:
    • Child's name and address
    • Parent/guardian/responsible person name and address
    • Child's date of birth
    • Sex of child
    • Number of vaccine doses given
    • Dates the vaccine doses were given
    • Name and address of the physician or health department administering the required immunizations
  • North Carolina State law requires the following immunization for all children enrolling in kindergarten or first grade for the first time: 

    • Five (5)  Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis doses*  
    • Four (4) Polio vaccine doses  
    • Three (3) Hepatitis B doses
    • Two (2) Measles doses
    • One (1) Rubella doses
    • Two (2) Varicella (chickenpox) doses
    • One to four (1-4) Haemophilus Influenzae type B (HIB) doses

    Immunizations may be obtained from a family physician or at clinics conducted by the New Hanover County Health Department.  Call the Health Department at 343-6500 to schedule appointments for physicals and immunizations as soon as possible if needed.

    Please visit for further information

  • Health Assessment Report – completed health assessment form must be presented to the principal of the school on or before the child’s first day of attendance and should include:
    • Physical Examination (on state approved HA form.  Examination must be within 12 months of first day of school.)
    • Vision Screening
    • Hearing Screening

  • Copy of Custody Agreement (if applicable)

Parents or legal guardians with questions concerning kindergarten registration may call the elementary school in their residential school district.

animated printerPrint out a Kindergarten Registration checklist


    If you are moving or withdrawing your child from school, please call or notify us in writing a few days prior to the child's last day.  This will allow ample time to complete necessary paper work.

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