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Parsley Elementary Awards and Honors

updated June 8, 2015

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updated May 31, 2007

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North Carolina Department of Public Instruction ABCs

Honor School of Excellence

  • 2011-2012
  • 2010-2011
  • 2009-2010
  • 2008-2009
  • 2007-2008
  • 2006-2007
  • 2005-2006
  • 2004-2005
  • 2003-2004
NC 2010-11 Honor Schoool of ExcellenceAn Honor School of Excellence is defined as being a school that made expected growth and had at least 90 percent of its students' scores at or above Achievement Level III and made AYP (Annual Yearly Progress) under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

School of Excellence

  • 2002-2003
A School of Excellence is defined as being a school that made expected growth and had at least 90 percent of its students' scores at or above Achievement Level III.
Jan. 2013:  Parsley earn an award for being one of the winners in the NHCS Energy Conservation Contest.

Parsley is a Real D.E.A.L. School Finalist

September 2008: Parsley was honored to yet again be selected as a 2008 Real D.E.A.L. School finalist.  The 50 finalist schools scored at or above the state average on each of the factors in the 2008 Teacher Working Conditions Survey (Leadership, Time, Empowerment, Professional Development, Facilities & Resources.). met or exceeded growth on the 2007-2008 state tests, and met AYP.  This award is given by Governor Easley every two years. Due to the criteria established by the Governor's Teacher Advisory Committee, schools can not win successive years.

Parsley is a Real D.E.A.L. School!

206 R.E.A.L. Deal awardFebruary 1, 2007: Parsley was once again selected as a semi-finalist (one of 30) in Governor Easley's recognition of schools that are great places to teach and learn: Real D.E.A.L. (Dedicated Educators, Administrators, and Learners) Schools.   Schools are selected based on excellent student test scores (EOGs) and exceptional working conditions as reported by staff members in an online survey in the spring of 2006. This year the semi-finalist schools submitted an essay outlining the qualities that make their school a great place to teach and learn - qualities that can replicated at any school.  Then, if selected, a semi-finalist school received a site visit by members of the Governor's Teacher Advisory Committee.

Parsley's representatives at the Real D.E.A.L. conferencd
click to enlarge photo

Parsley is proud to have been selected as one of North Carolina's 10 Real D.E.A.L. Schools. Mr. Zentmeyer, Mrs. Suggs, Mrs. Dixon, Mrs. Robbins, Mrs. Youmans and Mrs. Rizzo went to Raleigh on Feb. 1 to present at the North Carolina Teacher Working Conditions Conference and receive our Real D.E.A.L. award.  NHCS Superintendent Dr. Morris joined us in receiving this honor.

Read story on Wilmington's published Feb. 3, 2007

Governor Easley's "Great Places to Teach and Learn" Award semi-finalist

October 2004: Parsley was selected as a semi-finalist for this new award created by Governor Easley. The schools are selected based on two criteria: student performance on EOG test, and positive results on the 2004 Teacher Working Conditions Survey in the areas of time, leadership, professional development, and empowerment.

Out of over 2.400 schools in the state, only 28 schools were selected as semi-finalists. Parsley was the only New Hanover County School to receive this recognition. Parsley was not selected as one of the state's 8 winners, however we are proud to be associated with such a special group of students and teaching professionals.

  • 2003
  • 2002
  • 2001
United Way Achievement Campaign Award
for achieving 10% increase or more in contributions to Cape Fear United Way


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small smiling star Staff Members

 Teacher and Assistant of the Year




Stacy Stone
Stacy Stone
Melissa Hawley
Melissa Hawley
Stephanie Blackburn
Stephanie Blackburn
Julie Schiffer
Julie Schiffer
Mary Beth Taylor
Donna Russ
Kris Boberg
Olivia Tripp
Robyn Baker
Alice  Mintz
Hillary Blanchard
Beth Weir
Nikki Karnes
Deb Farabee
Woody Whittle
Marie Guarino
Sharon Radford
Kay Foy
Michele Dixon
Harriett Jarrell
Monique Robbins
Sharon Parker


Amy Tucker-Morgan
Also selected as New Hanover County's
Teacher of the Year!

Timothy Winstead


Kristi Youmans

Sheryl Felice  


Ann Jenkins

Olivia Tripp

 National Board Certified Teachers

  • Stephanie Blackburn
  • Kris Boberg
  • Nikki Karnes
  • Michele Dixon
  • Candace Hart
  • Monique Robbins
  • Amanda King
  • Jennifer Perrone
  • Kristi Youmans
  • Whitney Tobin
  • Deb Butler
  • Shannon Clark

100% Health Inspection

  • September 2011
 Our Cafeteria earned 100.5% on their Health Inspection
  • October 2010
 Our Cafeteria earned 102% on their Health Inspection
  • April 2010
 Our Cafeteria earned 101.5% on their Health Inspection
  • February 2010
 Our Cafeteria earned 102% on their Health Inspection
  • December 2009
 Our Cafeteria earned 100% on their Health Inspection
  • September 2009
 Our Cafeteria earned 102% on their Health Inspection
  • April 2009
 Our Cafeteria earned 102% on their Health Inspection
  • August 2003
 Our Cafeteria earned 100% on their Health Inspection

NC Award of Excellence

  • 2012-2013
  • 2002-2003
  • 2001-2002

Congratulations to Mrs. Strickland and her staff for earning the NC Award of Excellence which is awarded by NC DPI in recognition of continued efforts to show evidence of the fostering and maintenance of high standards in categories such as nutrition education, customer service, management, professional development, and quality food production.

Teacher of the Week

Jan. 21, 2015 - Mrs. Jean Hughes - Kindergarten
Apr. 25 , 2010 - Ms. Mary Beth Taylor- 3rd Grade
Nov. 16, 2009 - Mrs. Lisa Traflet - 1st Grade
Feb. 12, 2008 - Mrs. Torri Bailey - 3rd Grade
Apr. 19, 2007 - Ms. Chris Alessandro - 4th Grade
Apr. 19, 2006 - Mrs. Andrea Good - 4th Grade
Dec. 1, 2005 - Mrs. Melissa Ciamillo - 2nd Grade
Feb. 7, 2005 - Mrs. Kristi Youmans - Kindergarten
Oct. 21, 2004 - Mrs. Suzanne Sload - Art Teacher
Dec. 1, 2003 - Mr. Crisp - PE Teacher
Dec. 16, 2002 - Mrs. Brown - Kindergarten

Dec. 2, 2002 - Mrs. Wolfe - Kindergarten

Grant Award Winners

Fall 2011
SDA teachers, Lindsey Fahrland and Jessica Broughton, earned a grant totaling $977.77 from Knights of Columbus.  They each purchased an iPad, screen covers and cases.  These mobile devices are used daily in the classroom by the SDA students.
Sept. 2008
Mrs. Tobin, 3rd grade teacher, received a $300 grant from Intracoastal Realty to be used towards the purchase of Third Grade North Carolina Community Studies Weekly. This publication is printed in newspaper format and is based on North Carolina's state standards for third grade social studies. Students will be kept up-to-date with state current events with articles spotlighting NC cities and regions, wildlife, arts and crafts, etc.  Students will also enjoy crosswords puzzles, character education, and a comic strip of North Carolina Kids.  This tool will help prepare student for non-fiction reading and comprehension for NC state testing.
Feb. 2008
Walter L. Parsley Elementary received a $2,000 Best Buy TeachTM Award based on the application submitted by Mary Rizzo. The $2,000 Best Buy Gift Card has been used to purchase photo editing software and digital cameras for student use in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms for integrating creative digital imaging in the language arts, social studies, and science curriculum.
Jan. 2008
A "Big Books for Little Learners" grant request submitted to Donor Choose by Carla Evans was awarded in the amount of $425. Mrs. Evans will use the funds to purchase 'big books' to use with her students.  Some of her students have visual impairments and it's easier for them to see the pictures in the big books. They are also working on concepts of print awareness and big books are a fun way to do this.  Students from the general education setting come into her room to read with her students and big books will be something fun to share with them.
Jan. 2008
Carla Evans earned funding through Donors Choose for "Having A Ball!".  The $599 awarded in this grant will purchase a variety of balls in various sizes and textures to use in both therapeutic and recreational activities with the students in her SDA-DL class.
Dec. 2007 &
Dec. 2008
Carla Evans earned funding through Donors Choose for "Adapted Aquatics for Students with Special Needs".  In addition to the pleasurable and social benefits of adapted aquatics, the therapeutic benefits include increased range of motion in the pool, allowing the students to stretch tight muscles that are sometimes difficult to stretch outside of the pool. Ms. Evans was awarded $819 to find this project in 2007, and $323 in 2008.
Nov. 2007
Carla Evans earned a Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Mini-Grant for $458 for "Not Just Fun and Games".  She will use the funds to purchase interactive games and items for her SDA-DL class.

Miscellaneous Staff Awards & Recognitions
Nov. 2011 - Kristi Youmans was selected as New Hanover County's AIG Teacher of the Year
Feb. 2010 - Robyn Baker, music teacher at Parsley, was chosen as a Beginning Teacher Promise of Leadership Award recipient by the UNCW Watson School of Education First Years of Teaching Support Program. She was nominated based on her commitment to teaching diverse students, use of technology in the classroom, and potential for leadership.
Kristi Youmans became a published author in January 2009. She wrote two math analogies books, one each for K-2 and 3-5, that have been published by Pieces of Learning. She has since published several other books.
Dottie Herman - Art Teacher - Selected by the North Carolina Art Education Association as the North Carolina Art Educator of the Year, 2005. 
Mary Rizzo - Technology Facilitator - selected as a "Forever Young" NC state winner as part of the NC Reading Association's Young Authors' Contest. March 2004
Ann Jenkins - 4th Grade Teacher - was selected to serve on National Teachers' Board for Time For Kids magazine. She will provide "real teacher" input. Her class received books and a class set of magazines. - Sept 2003
Mrs. Bevins, SAGE Teacher - elected North Carolina Reading Association Secretary for 2002-2004
Ted Mullins - 5th Grade Teacher - completed New Hanover County Schools Leadership Program - 2001-2002


star linestar linestar line


small smiling star Students

PTA Reflections Contest

New Hanover County Winners:

Ebby Clark - Visual Arts K-2 - 3rd place NHC Council of PTAs
Catherine Cummings - Visual Arts 3-5 - 1st place NHC Council of PTAs / winner District level - advanced to state level competition
Grady Ochipa - Photography K-1 - 1st place NHC Council of PTAs / winner District level - advanced to state level competition
Kaylee Hanon - Photography 3-5 - 1st place NHC Council of PTAs / winner District level - advanced to state level competition
Courtney VanNote - Photography 3-5 - 3rd place NHC Council of PTAs
Ryan Reiniche - Literature K-2 - 2nd place NHC Council of PTAs
Kate Reiniche - Literature 3-5 - 2ndplace NHC Council of PTAs

Kate Reiniche - Literature K-2 - 1st place NHC Council of PTAs
Brady Savard - Photography K-2 - 2nd place NHC Council of PTAs
Regan Williams - Visual Arts 3-5 - 3rd place
NHC Council of PTAs


"The Magic of a Moment "

Jacob Triemstra - Literature 3-5 - 1st place NHC Council of PTAs / advanced to District level competition / winner District level - advanced to state level competition
Berndt Tietjen - Photography 3-5 - 2nd place NHC Council of PTAs
Sydney Campbell - Photography 3-5 - 3rd place NHC Council of PTAs
Brady Savard - Photography K-2 - 2nd place NHC Council of PTAs

Quinn Gonzalez - Dance 3-5 - 1st place NHC Council of PTAs
Courtney VanNote -  Dance 3-5 - 2nd place NHC Council of PTAs
Rae Black - Film/Video - 2nd place NHC Council of PTAs

Jocelyn Savard - Film/Video - 3rd place NHC Council of PTAs
Callie Gray - Musical Composition 3-5 - 1st place NHC Council of PTAs / advanced to District level competition
/ winner District level - advanced to state level competition
Grace Milkes - Visual Arts 3-5 - 1st place NHC Council of PTAs / advanced to District level competition / winner District level - advanced to state level competition / 1st Place winner at State level
Drake Skull - Visual Arts K-2 - 1st place NHC Council of PTAs / advanced to District level competition / winner District level - advanced to state level competition / 3rd Place winner at State level


"Diversity Means"

Brighton Tietjen - Literature 3-5 - 1st place NHC Council of PTAs
Ellie Hannum
- Photography 3-5 - 1st place NHC Council of PTAs
Quinn Gonzalez - Dance 3-5 - 1st place NHC Council of PTAs
and NCPTA District 2 level winner and NC State PTA winner - 2nd Place Intermediate Dance!
Elijah Van Camp-goh - Film/Video 3-5 -
2nd place NHC Council of PTAs
Caelin Bahner
- Musical Composition 3-5 - 3rd place NHC Council of PTAs


"Together We Can..."

Casey Pardue - Photography K-2   -  First Place NHC Council of PTAs and NCPTA District 2 level winner - 1st Place Primary Photography NC State Reflections Winner
Ana Sharbaugh - Photography 3-5   -  Third Place NHC Council of PTAs
Rilee Bahner - Visual Arts K-2   -  Third Place NHC Council of PTAs
Dylan Puzon - Visual Arts 3-5   -  Third Place NHC Council of PTAs
Elijah Van Camp-Goh - Literature K-2   -  Second Place NHC Council of PTAs
Katya Zousias - Musical Composition   -  Second Place NHC Council of PTAs
Chloe O'Briant - Dance Choreography 3-5   -  First Place NHC Council of PTAs and NCPTA District 2 level winner - 1st Place Intermediate Dance Choreography NC State Reflections Winner


"Beauty Is..."

Sophia Sload - Third Place - Photography K-2 3rd Place NHC PTA
Kaitlyn Cox - First Place - Photography 3-5 1st Place NHC PTA and NCPTA District 2 level winner
Sophia Sload - Third Place - Visual Arts K-2 3rd Place NHC PTA
Smith Beacham - First Place - Visual Arts 3-5 1st Place NHC PTA
James Glendenning - First Place - Literature K-2 1st Place NHC PTA and NCPTA District 2 level winner
Sejung An - Second Place - Musical Composition 3-5 2nd Place NHC PTA
Chloe O’Briant - First Place - Dance Choreography 3-5 1st Place NHC PTA and NCPTA District 2 level winner and NC State PTA winner - 1st Place Intermediate Dance!
Monae Duplessis - Second Place - Film Production 3-5

2nd Place NHC PTA


green star winner at the NCPTA District 2 level

blue star winners at State competition

Nick Sander - Third Place - Visual Arts Grades 3-5
Caroline Mansfield
- First Place - Literature Grades 3-5  green star
Kasey Brodwater - Third Place - Literature Grades 3-5
Emma Grace Wright - First Place - Musical Composition Grades 3-5 
green star
Chloe O’Briant - First Place - Dance Choreography Grades 3-5  
green star blue star ** 2nd Place State Winner!
Feodor Mejouev - Second Place - Film Production Grades K-2


green star advanced to District Level competition

blue star winners at State competition

Lindsey Williams - Gold Medal - Intermediate Visual Arts
Feodor Mejouev - Bronze Medal - Primary Visual Arts
green star blue star ** 3rd Place State Winner! **
Emma Grace Wright - Gold Medal - Primary Photography
Helena Boldizar - Silver Medal - Intermediate Photography
green star blue star ** 3rd Place State Winner! **
Noah Surrat - Bronze Medal - Intermediate Photography
Lindsey Williams - Most Inspiring - Intermediate Photography
green star blue star ** 1st Place State Winner! advances to National competition **
Joseph Minnich - Honorable Mention - Intermediate Literature
Lindsey Williams - Silver Medal - Intermediate Musical Composition
Emily Ritter - Bronze Medal - Intermediate Musical Composition
Hannah Schuessler - Honorable Mention - Primary Film/Video Production

2006-2007 Joseph Minnich - 1st Place - Literature K-2
Layne Pierce - 3rd Place - Literature 3-5
Wyatt Williams - Honorable Mention - Photography K-2
Alicia MacDonald - Honorable Mention - Photography 3-5
Hannah Schuessler - 2nd Place - Film/Video K-2
Hannah Schuessler - Best Theme Interpretation - Film/Video K-2
William Boldizar - 2nd Place - Film/Video 3-5
Helena Boldizar - 3rd Place - Musical Composition 3-5 ** 2nd Place State Winner! **
Helena Boldizar - Best Theme Interpretation - Musical Composition 3-5

Literature - Bradley Barefoot
Music - Mackenzie Kuhne
Photography - Alicia MacDonald
Photography - Honorable Mention - Emily Milkes
(Bradley, Mackenzie, and Alicia were also District Level winners)

2004-2005 Visual Arts - Lindsey Williams
Photography - Maggie Devine & Christian Kelley
Literature - Maggie Devine
Honorable Mention in Music - Helena Boldizar
2002-2003 Mackenzie Schmidt - Photography
2001-2002 Evan Barton - 3rd Grade - Photography

Science Fair

Jan. 2015

Parsley's Winners:

Like Colorful Walls?  Think Again!  - Ria Kapoor -- NHCS Science Fair winner and advances to Regional competition
Hot Wheels - Lilly Triemstra & Emily Foreman -- NHCS Science Fair winner
Hold the Soap - Regan Williams
-- NHCS Science Fair winner and advances to Regional competition
Will It Roll? - Joshua Wilber -- NHCS Science Fair winner
Fill 'Em Up - Tessa Hardison -- NHCS Science Fair winner

Jan. 2014

Parsley's Winners:

Lilly Triemstra & Emily Foreman - Surf Wax Meltdown
Kyra Schwagerl & Natalie Kermon - How to Absorb Oil OUt of Water
Giovanni Martucci - How Far Can Paper Airplanes Fly
Reece Blue, Katelyn Sewell, & Tuesday Whalen - What Happened to My Balloon
Esha and Ria Kapoor - Are You a Salt or Sugar Person? We Know Why!

Jan. 2013

Parsley's Winners:

Gabe and Ayla Johnson - Crossed Up
Quinn Gonzalez & Daniel Ando - Craters and Meteorites
Jackson Vargo - Composite or Aluminum?
Talia Porzio - Melting Polar Ice - Rising Sea?
Kaley Nesselroade, Emma Pacheko, & Briar Taylor - Does Your Heart Beat to the Beat of the Drum?
Katelyn Sewell - Can Salt Water Be Converted into Purified Water?
Kiera McWilliams - Sink or Float?

Jan. 2012

Parsley's Winners:

Shaun Gizdic & JC Gizdic - Which Firewood heats the best? - winner at the NHCS Science Fair
Nathan Hardison & Patrick Iammatteo - Measuring Moisture in Wood with Electricity
Andres Frick - Do Plants Grow Taller in Fertilizer?
Taylor McMillion - Wetlands at Work  - earned the Cape Fear Museum Award at the NHCS Science Fair
Sara Meehan - Tooth Tactics
Connor Radford - Are There Cheaters in Baseball?
Grayson Rosa - Which Type of Liquid Dissolves A Pill the Fastest?
Leah Schwagerl - Candy Chromatography

Jan. 2011

Parsley's Winners:

Matthew Suggs - Designs in Flight
Jack Krupa - Maple Candy Crystals
Christopher Fleming & Nick Chuisano - Roll !Balls! Roll!
Sarah Smith, Kevin Smith, & Mason McKeithan - Paw Preference - received Honorable Mention at the NHCS Science Fair
Sanya Shah - Is an Earthquake Coming?
Peyton Wallace & Cassie Peterman - How Does Your Garden Grow?
Brooke Yingling, Emily Newsome, & Alyssa Cooke - Soak it up!
Isabel Frick - Dry Out Time for Markers

Jan. 2010

Winners of Parsley's Science Fair:

What's Poppin? by Abigail Harrell
Evaporation by Peyton Wallace and Cassie Peterman
Most Absorbent Paper Towel by Sanya Shah
Hardwood vs. Softwood by Dylan James
Loreal vs. Revlon by Emilia Torello and Chloe O'Briant
What a Drag! by Kellen Hanson
Runner Bands in Motion by Matthew Suggs  NHCS Science Fair Winner!
Super Speed by Matthew Ward and Blair Barefoot NHCS Science Fair Winner!
Ring 'n Run by Jessica Marks

Jan. 2009

Winners of Parsley's first Science Fair:

  • Melissa Williams (5th grade)
  • Lindsey Williams (5th grade)
  • Wyatt Williams (3rd grade
  • Kasey Brodwater (3rd grade)
  • Jennifer Ward (4th grade)
  • Mitch Trafton (4th grade) & Ryan Church (3rd grade)

Jennifer was also winner at the New Hanover County Science Fair.

Feb. 2007 Daniel Suggs (3rd grade) and Bailey Williams (5th grade) were winners at the New Hanover County Science Fair.
Feb. 2006
Hanna Johnson (4th grade) earned the UNCW Marine Quest Award at the New Hanover County Science Fair.
Feb. 2004 Rebecca Swiney and Cassidy McLean, 4th graders, were winners at the New Hanover County Science Fair and were selected to advance to the regional Science Fair.

NHCS Elementary Science Olympiad

May 2015

2nd Place - Varsity

May 2014 2nd Place - Varsity
May 2013

1st Place - Varsity
1st Place - Jr. Varsity

Math Fair

March 2010 Jake and Anna Sharbaugh earned Honorable Mention at the Regional Math Fair on March 12 and will represent Parsley at the State Fair on April 30th.


TreeFest Poetry Contest
January 2009:  Lindsey Yelton was the first place winner in the TreeFest Poetry Contest.  A tree will be planted in her honor on school grounds.

All Trees

All trees can do a lot-
They provide shade from the hot-
Tress do us good-
We plant them so they would-
Trees purify the air-
We mow them down, that is not fair-
Treefest is here-
Year after year-
Thanks for always being there.

Go green!!

Junior League K-1st Bookmark Contest

December 2007:  Hannah Herbert of Miss Weldon's Kindergarten class was selected as the Junior League of Wilmington's K-1st bookmark contest winner! The theme was 'My Idea of a Healthy Me', and the children were asked to illustrate in art form what being healthy meant to them. Hannah was presented with a Dora backpack filled with school supplies, book marks to distribute to her classmates, and a $150 savings bond.  Approximately 1,300 entries were submitted from thirty NHC schools. The bookmarks will be available to the public in the NHC libraries, Barnes & Noble, Salt Shaker, Books-A-Million, and Learning Express.

Halyburton Park Poster Contest

October 2004:  City of Wilmington sponsored a contest open to all elementary students. The students were to create a poster for the new Halyburton Park located on 17th Street Extension.
The 1st place winner was Nick LaFave from Mr. Mullins' homeroom. Nick's poster depicted what pollution does to the environment and ways we can all help keep the environment clean and beautiful. The 3rd place winner was Paris Duncan.

North Carolina Reading Association
"Young Authors' Contest" - State Winners
  • 2013-2014
    • Erin Satterlie - 5th Grade
  • 2012-2013
    • Ellie Hannum - 5th grade
    • Kellee Cannon - 5th grade
  • 2011-2012
    • Tyler Hamilton - 5th Grade
    • Sara Meehan - 5th Grade
  • 2010-2011
    • Kellen Hanson - 5th Grade
    • Ana Sharbaugh - 5th Grade
  • 2009-2010
    • Ryan Church - 4th Grade
    • Zack Mayo - 5th Grade
    • Tanner Macpherson - Kindergarten
  • 2008-2009
    • Stephen Reish - 5th Grade
    • Kendall Walker - 5th Grade
    • Yue Zhang - 5th Grade
  • 2006-2007
    • Cole Cannon - 3rd Grade
  • 2003-2004
    • Matthew Swain - 1st Grade
    • Morgan Elizabeth Radford - 2nd Grade
    • Mackenzie Schmidt - 3rd Grade
  • 2001-2002
    • Elle Howe - 3rd Grade
    • Kaitlin Bailey - 4th Grade
    • Caroline Schmidle - 5th Grade
Superintendent Dr. John Morris Art Recognition
  • 2002-2003
    • Josh Swain - 3rd Grade
  • 2001-2002
    • Carly Strauss - 5th Grade


Geography Bee Winners

Winners at schools around the state take a qualifying test. The top 100 are invited to compete at the state level later in the spring.

January 2015:  Nicholas Karp
January 2014: Drew Gonzalez
January 2013: Drew Gonzalez
January 2012: Tyler Hamilton
January 2011: Erik Dahlgren
January 2010:  Abby Scholer
January 2009: Cole Cannon.
January 2008: Sam Jarden
January 2007: Sam Jarden
March 2006: Kammy Liu
March 2005: Richard Corbett
Continental Math League - Winners April 2013:  Each year at Parsley, AIG math students participate in the Continental Math League competition. Students begin getting ready and practicing for the competition in third grade. In fourth and fifth grades, students compete nationally in the competition with five different meets from November through March. The competition requires students to solve challenging, above grade level problems which require many different problem-solving strategies. We recently received a letter from the president of CML competition, and were informed that our fifth graders placed first in our region. Our region is made up of eleven states!

January 2005

GR. 3
GR. 4
GR. 5
Conner Church
Molly Chiarmonte
Elaine King
Bradley Cotton
Hannah Johnson
Justine Savingon
Tyler Thayer
Payton Ball
Peyton Youmans
Cassidy McClean

January 9, 2004

  • 2nd Place - Madison Godfrey 3rd Place - Nicholas Fontana & David Sheppard 4th Place - Rett Nabell
  • 5th Place - Zeke Sigler, Alex Hewett, Marino Leone, Connor Haughton, Jeremy Spahr, & Billy Davis
North Carolina SMS®  Stock Market Simulation
  • SAGE team placed 3rd statewide and 1st place in the eastern region for the FALL 2003 Semester. The team "earned" $109,542
Sept. 2001 - YMCA Triathlon - Youngest Relay Team: Christian Dias, Nathan Poulos, Grant Nabell (teacher: Maggie Williams)

Word Masters

The WordMasters Challenge™ is an exercise in critical thinking that first encourages students to become familiar with a set of interesting new words (considerably harder than grade level), and then challenges them to use those words to complete analogies expressing various kinds of logical relationships. Working to solve the analogies helps students learn to think both analytically and metaphorically. Although most vocabulary enrichment and analogy-solving programs are designed for use by high school students, WordMasters Challenge™ materials have been specifically created for younger students in grades three through eight. They are particularly well suited for children who are motivated by the challenge of learning new words and enjoy the logical puzzles posed by analogies.
May 2015 Giovanni Martucci - Highest Honors in the overall competition with a cumulative score of 58 out of a possible 60, which placed him among the top ten students nationwide within their division.

WECT Super Students

  • 2003-2004 - 4th Grader William Yelton
  • 2001-2002 - 4th Grader Grant Nabell

WGNI Student of the Week

  • October 2004 - Elizabeth Magill
  • Sept. 29, 2003 - 1st Grader Tyler Graybar

Other Accomplishments

  • June 2008 - 3rd Grader Hannah Marable will be featured in the "When I Grow Up" section for June's KIDZink. Hannah wants to be an architect when she grows up. As part of her article she interviewed an architect here in town.
  • May 2008 - Carson Mays (3rd grader) was the Kidz Club highlight in the May issue of Kidz Ink, a magazine by kids, about kids and fir kids and their families published here in Wilmington.
  • 2005-2006 - Parsley Patriots collected $943.23 during our "Quarters for the French Quarter", a Hurricane Katrina Relief Drive - Sept. 19
  • 2001 - Mr. Mullins 5th grade students wrote and performed an original play "Coal Dust to Cyper Space", a historical drama about the connection between the old Masonboro School and Parsley Elementary School. This play was presented as part of Parsley Elementary School's dedication ceremony at the start of the school year. 2001-2002 - Students compiled and donated 25 student kits to the "Student-to-Student" Project(North Carolina Reaches out to Afghanistan) 2001-2002 - Students donated 700+ books to Tales for Tots 2002 - Students participated in Valentines for Troops and Valentines for Vets Projects 2001 - Students collected 300+ toys for Holiday WISH project 2001 - Students collected 2000 lbs of non-perishable food items for Salvation Army 2001-2002 - Students collected 275 food items for Mother Hubbard's Cupboard.


star linestar linestar line

small smiling star PTA

Parsley's Volunteer(s) of the Year


Holly Campbell & Anna Oppelt

Parsley's Volunteer of the Year - Holly CampbellMrs. Campbell has been a faithful Parsley volunteer for the past six years. Some of her faithful duties have included Reflections Contest co-chair, Recording Secretary of the PTA and she is a part of the core group of volunteers who faithfully volunteer for all school events.

Mrs. Campbell has fulfilled several leadership roles through our PTA. She co-chaired the Reflections Contest for two years. Mrs. Campbell communicated and promoted the Reflections Contest enthusiastically. As a result, we had a record number of entries during the years she co-chaired the committee. She established a Reflections Gallery and reception which has continued as an annual and much anticipated event. During the Reflections Gallery and reception all students’ entries are matted and displayed for family and community viewing. She organized parent volunteers to provide refreshments during the reception. This enhancement to the Reflections Contest, took this annual event to new heights and enriched the overall experience for the entire school community. 

For two consecutive years, Mrs. Campbell dutifully attended every PTA Board Meeting in the role of Recording Secretary. She accurately recorded the minutes of the meeting and reported them in a timely manner to the PTA Board. Before her two year commitment was completed, and after her successor was elected, she worked closely with the new Recording Secretary to ensure a seamless transition.

Mrs. Campbell is one of the parents who are the backbone of our volunteer community. For six consecutive years, she has volunteered with every PTA event, big or small. Some of these include, Fall Festival, Bingo Night, Book Fair, Fun Day, staff Hospitality events and Teacher Appreciation week. Mrs. Campbell sees needs and fills needs, whether it is asked of her or not. This volunteerism is often quietly completed behind the scenes, with little to no recognition. One example is our PTA workroom. The workroom was quite disorganized. Mrs. Campbell took it upon herself to clean out the room and organize it, including bins and labels!

One of Mrs. Campbell’s best assets is that she is unassuming. She comes in, completes her task and moves on. She always presents herself with a professional and respectful demeanor, and is a pleasure to be around. She never asks for any special favors or tries to seek attention. She is truly exemplifying someone who is serving from her heart. She isn’t seeking recognition, she just wants to contribute and provide a service. Her monthly volunteer hours are insurmountable, and could not accurately be counted. Her volunteerism has made a huge impact on the entire Parsley community in many areas. Mrs. Campbell’s volunteerism and dedicated participation in our overall school program truly encompasses the meaning of family and community partnerships. She works hard to build up our school in the community’s eyes. Holly Campbell exemplifies what it means to be Volunteer of the Year.

blue starAt the New Hanover County Council of PTA annual banquet on Thurs., Apr. 30, Mrs. Campbell earned the Tannis Nelson Outstanding School Volunteer Award.

Parsley's Volunteer of the Year - Anna OppeltOver the years, Mrs. Oppelt has faithfully and regularly volunteered at Parsley. She eagerly meets any school or PTA needs.

Mrs. Oppelt is a staff favorite! Mrs. Oppelt recognizes teachers need to be celebrated for their hard work and dedication. For at least five years, Mrs. Oppelt has co-chaired the PTA Board Hospitality committee. This consists of organizing, planning and providing four staff luncheons per year. She goes all out with a theme, advertisements to whet the staff’s appetites, decorations and door prizes. No detail is left unturned. On the day of the actual event, she arrives at the school around 7:00 am and begins checking in crockpots of food from parents. She sets up the room, decorates and awaits the first group of staff members. She acts as a true hostess and waitress, serving drinks and ensuring all staff members are treated like royalty. She remains on duty through the last lunch period, around 1:30 p.m. Then she stays until about 4:00 p.m. cleaning up, and wrapping the leftover food for staff to enjoy the following day. Mrs. Oppelt’s acts of kindness and attention to detail leaves staff feeling uplifted and appreciated throughout the year. Mrs. Oppelt is currently involved in a group of parents who are helping the school staff “pay it forward” by replicating Hospitality activities at another school. This community collaboration with our sister school will help ensure their staff is celebrated and feels appreciated.

Mrs. Oppelt is a volunteer in our core group of parents we consistently rely on for all PTA events. She has volunteered for more than six years with Fall Festival, Book Fair, Reflections, Bingo Night, Fun Day and Teacher Appreciation Week. She has been a faithful volunteer in her children’s classrooms. Many parents sign up to volunteer in classrooms, but very few are as reliable and dependable as Mrs. Oppelt. She has the wherewithal to assist students academically, and exemplifies the upmost levels of professionalism, confidentiality, respectfulness and kindness when working with children. She is fully vested in all children and staff feeling successful and appreciated.

Some of Mrs. Oppelt’s best assets are her professionalism, grace and elegance. Mrs. Oppelt possesses an energetic spirit. She is a pleasure to be around and is always willing to do whatever is needed. She never asks for any special favors or tries to seek attention. She gives from her heart, and expands her servitude beyond our school walls to other schools in our community. Anna Oppelt exemplifies what it means to be Volunteer of the Year.



Debbie Langtry & Kelly Foreman  


Kellie Savard & Kem Gonzalez


Marie Warren & Tracey Glendenning

2010-2011 Gerri Onoff & Lissa Unrue

Barb Caropolo & Sandi Gessner

On April 29 at the New Hanover County Council of PTAs, Sandi earned the "Spirit of the PTA Award".  The recipient of the award is an "enthusiastic PTA member and volunteer who has a deep sense of pride in their school and community.  This individual is usually a dedicated committee chair or officer who strives for excellence, who includes as many parents and students as possible in their volunteer work, and who promotes a positive school image".

2008-2009 Edna Byrd & Amy Damutz
2007-2008 John Matlock & Suzanne Hamilton
2006-2007 Stephanie Crisp & Shannon Mansfield
2005-2006 Patricia Johnson & Cindy Kuhne
2004-2005 Joelle Ando & Heather Wadsworth
2003-2004 Tracey Schmidt & Mary Alice Hudson
2002-2003 Deborah Fontana & Sharon Matthews
2001-2002 Amy Treman & Angie Willard

 Membership Awards (for more information, visit

 Blue Key Award

  • 2009-2010

 Ruby Acorn Award

  • 2010-2011
  • 2009-2010
  • 2008-2009
Have all full-time teachers enrolled as PTA members

 Bronze Acorn Award

  • 2002-2003
National PTA award for achieving 10% or greater increase in PTA membership over previous year.
2001-2002 New Hanover Co. Council of PTAs Certificate of Recognition for having 100% Teacher PTA Membership.

Gwin G. Hughes Healthy Living Project Award - established in April 2005 by the North Carolina Congress of Parents and Teachers and the Hughes Family as a memorial to Mrs. Hughes, to encourage healthful living habits.

  • 2008-09
  • 2007-08 - earned for our Walking Club
  • 2006-07 - earned for our Walking Club and Walking Track

NC PTA Communications Recognition Award - In order to qualify for this recognition, the local unit or (council PTA) must have a continuous and consistent method of communication with the school families, and the community. In order to qualify for this recognition, the PTA must either publish a newsletter at least four times per year or have an active website.

  • 2009-10 - newsletter editor: Suzanne Hamilton

NC PTA Newsletter Award - Received in recognition for outstanding newsletters.

  • 2008-09 - editor: Suzanne Hamilton
  • 2007-08 - editor: Suzanne Hamilton
  • 2006-07 - editor:  Mrs. Boldizar
  • 2003-04 - editor: Mrs. Dias

Local Unit Evaluation & Achievement Award

  • 2007-08
  • 2006-07

May 2011 - Parsley earned the "Above & Beyond" Award from the New Hanover County Council of PTAs for the hospitality we showed the PTA Council when they met at our school in September and for our school's community service projects.


star linestar linestar line

small smiling star Grants
Sept. 2005 - Haley Phillips earned a $600 grant from Intercoastal Realty.  She will use the funds to purchase class sets of novels.
2004-2005 - Emily Anne Wood, 1st Grade Teacher, received a $1000.00 grant from Dollar General to purchase sets of leveled books for the Shared Book Room.
She also received a grant from PPD in the amount of $500.00 for the same project.
Dec. 2004 - Parsley Elementary School received a grant from Target in the amount of $500 for support of Read Across the Region program. The grant was written by the Parsley School Library Media Coordinator, Sharlene Williamson, and will be used for books and a special program called Books for Babies. Any student that has a new baby brother or sister after January 1, 2005 will be able to come down to the library, select a new book as a gift for the new sibling, wrap it, and take it home!
Oct. 2003 - Mrs. Jayne Kiker, 4th grade, earned a $300 grant from the Cape Fear Azalea Gardening Club for building a "Monarch Trail" from the school building to the old foundation.
Oct. 2003 - Mr. Stephen Buchanan, 5th grade, earned a $700 Mini Grant from the Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce and the GE ELFUNS for "Flutter Factory". It is a cooperative grant that will be shared with Holly Tree Elementary's 5th grade teacher Mrs. Buchanan. Students will work after school at these two schools to create butterfly gardens.
Parsley PTA earned a grant from the North Carolina Congress of Parents and Teachers for 2002 - Parents Encouraging Responsible Choices.


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