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Patriot Kids going on vacation

Parsley's Patriot Kids, Liberty, Justice, and Freedom, are ready to go on vacation with Parsley students.

Vacations include not only those that take you away from Wilmington, but also trips around town. Going to the Battleship, a museum, or the beach just for the weekend? Consider taking one of the Patriot Kids with you!  Maybe you are celebrating a special family event, going to the dentist, or playing soccer.  The Patriot Kids would like to spend time with you no matter what you do.

Choose one Patriot Kid to take on vacation or just spend a few days with you. If he/she is already booked, a different Patriot Kid may accompany you.

Upon your return, you will email us a picture from the vacation and an article telling us about your trip and adventures. These stories and pictures will appear on the 'Traveling With the Patriot Kids' blog.. See notes below on the best way to send us your story.

In order to take a Patriot Kid on vacation with you, you will need to complete and submit a Patriot Kids' Vacation Contract. On this form, you will be able to request which Patriot Kid you would prefer, learn your responsibilities, and special care instructions. Download the pdf contract and turn in to Mrs. Rizzo at least one week in advance of your trip. You might want to check their vacation schedule to see who is available to travel. The Patriot Kid going on vacation with you will be sent home with you before you leave on vacation.

We would like to invite family and friends to schedule time with a Patriot Kid and take him or her with you to work or to an event you think we would find interesting. Maybe you work with animals, in a store, or help build things.  Parsley Patriots like to learn new things and we hope that you'll share with us experiences that will enrich us.  After you email your story and photo(s), it will be posted on the Traveling with the Patriot Kids blog.  Visitors will then have the opportunity to post comments and maybe even ask questions. 

Justice holding sign "Read all about it"blue starRead stories about where our Patriot Kids' adventures take them. PatriotKids' Vacation Stories

School Mascots Travel the World - Wilmington Star News published a story about the Patriot Kids traveling with our Parsley families on Sept. 2, 2012.

Directions for Sending Your Story

email ParsleyWhen sending the story about your trip, type (or paste) the story directly in the email you send to Parsley and then attach the photo(s) to the email. Please do not type story and include photo(s) in a word processing document and attach it to your email as we are not able to open all word processing documents and they take much longer to download.

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Patriot KidsVacationing with the Patriot Kids - Quick Links

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