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 2009-2010 Entries in the
Young Authors' Contest

"Surfing the Waves to Literacy "

We submitted four entries to the 2009-2010 New Hanover County Reading Association's Young Author's Contest.

blue ribbonAll four were New Hanover County winners and advances to the NC State Young Authors winners!

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The entries below are posted as submitted.

building sand castleFun at the Beach

The beach is fun.
The beach is cool.
The beach is better than going to school.
No problems to solve.
No tests – just fun!
Makes for a lazy day under the sun.
Toes in the water
Feet in the sand
Listening to my favorite band.
Riding my longboard
Playing with friends
The fun at the beach just never ends.


blue ribbonZack Mayo
Grade 5
State Winner!

She Sells Sushi By The Seashore

We live at the beach,
and, when it comes to eats, we don’t settle for  just any old peach.
We eat sushi and that’s mighty fine, because it sure is healthy and tastes really divine.
Out of the ocean comes tuna, salmon and whitefish, too; but don’t forget crab, eel and squid to name a few.
A plate of raw fish is called sashimi. If you need help with yours, please call me.
Sushi is raw fish on top of rice. It always comes with a heavy price.
sushiMy favorites are California and Philadelphia rolls. I dip them in some soy sauce bowls.
I love ginger and wasabi on the side, with a steaming hot bowl of edamame beside.
Chopsticks are what I like to use, but a fork or spoon you may also choose.
Sushi is a treasure from the sea,
and it makes my belly as happy as can be!

blue ribbonRyan Church
4th grade
State Winner!

Shark Escape

boy riding dolphin     One Saturday morning Tanner and his mommy were surfing at Duck Beach. His mom was getting cold so she went back to the shore. The waves were so high.  Tanner was doing tricks like flip-overs. He saw the fin of a shark. He was worried because the shark almost ate him up.  Then Tanner whistled, and sometimes dolphins come when he whistles.  The dolphin jumped up in front of the shark and caught Tanner. He took him back to shore with Tanner riding on the dolphin’s back. The dolphin saved him.  Tanner was happy that the dolphin had saved him.

blue ribbonTanner Macpherson
State Winner!


Wave Surfing

Surfing waves is like flying high,
But on water, not the sky,
You can see the schools of fish,
Surfing right by.
Then you see the jellyfish,
They do not give a joyful wish,
Instead they give you an unhappy sting,
I love wave surfing!

surfing girl
Sara Meehan
3rd grade
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