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 2010-2011 Entries in the
Young Authors' Contest

"That's a Fact!"

We submitted four entries to the 2010-11 New Hanover County Reading Association's Young Author's Contest.

blue ribbon We had 2 state winners!


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The entries below are posted as submitted.

beach sceneBeach Disaster

I’m swimming in the water like a dolphin,
Diving under the miraculous waves,
But I get pushed down to the ocean floor hard,
Thank gosh though, I’m only sore for a couple days.

Trying to eat something tasty, like a P.B and J,
But all it tastes like is sea salt.
If I opened my mouth in the water,
Then no wonder why, it’s my fault!

Playing volleyball with best friends
It’s so awesome, it’s so fun,
But then I get hit in the face with the ball,
And I feel blood oozing, so I’m done.

Laying in the hot, humid sun,
Tanning, I learn it the horrible way.
It’s stings and hurts a lot
To get sunburn in the month of May.

Now I learn, every second faster,
Why beaches can be, such a disaster!

blue ribbonKellen Hanson
5th grade

State Winner

happy girl

Facts About My Parents

My parents say I’m not the best.
They say, “Leave me alone, I need some rest.”
My parents hate me, they think I’m the worst,
Maybe because I’m not their first.
My parents say I’m very rude.
They say the way I eat is crude.
My parents don’t help me with reading, writing, or math,
Making dinner, cleaning dishes or taking a bath.
My parents do no work, they’re very lazy,
Sometimes I think they’re a bit crazy.
Actually, these are all lies, just one big act,

blue ribbonAna Sharbaugh
5th grade

State Winner


Jack Jack

I was sound asleep
My mom woke me up
         she told me to stand
I wasn’t sure what was happening
         until she said she was in pain
Then I knew
        she was having the baby soon
        it was a full moon
I had to leave the house
        I sounded like a mouse
My brother, Brady, was so tired
        but I was wired
To my friends we went
        two days we spent
We took a visit to see our mom
        walked in and said “how do you do?”
        and then we said that to our new baby brother too!

girl and baby

Madison Spratley
3rd Grade



My Mom’s Battle

       In 2007 my mom was diagnosed with CME (non-smoking lung cancer). At that time I was seven years old. When she came home from Chapel Hill, she had a wig on, and I thought she got a hair cut. She told me she had cancer and would not have any hair on her head. At that time I didn’t know what cancer was and how much of a nightmare it is to deal with.
mother and son reading      In 2008 my mom was healed of her lung cancer but still had to go for treatment. This was the best news. We spent a lot of time together watching television or reading. We would always go to Britt’s Doughnuts or to see my cousin.
      In 2009 my mom was on T.V. because of how great she was doing. 2009 was a great year for me.  My mom was not working, and everyday I got to see her after school. My mom would always take me to the store or cook a fantastic meal.  Even if you weren’t hungry you would find yourself eating.
      In 2010 my mom started to feel horrible. She always told me, “If I don’t beat this cancer I will always love you”. I didn’t think she would pass away.  When my dad told me that my mom’s health was declining rapidly and might not make it this time, I was upset. I was told while at Lower Cape Fear Hospice by my aunt, “Your mom is no longer suffering”. I knew at that moment my mom was deceased.
      My mom lived from December 22, 1966 – September 6th, 2010. She is missed by many people.  My mom inspired me in whatever she did.

R.I.P. Carolyn F. Bordeaux

Ben Purcell
5th grade
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