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 2011-2012 Entries in the
Young Authors' Contest

"The Treasures of North Carolina"

We submitted four entries to the 2011-12 New Hanover County Reading Association's Young Author's Contest.

blue ribbonThree of those entries won at the county level competition.

yellow starTwo students won at the state level.
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The entries below are posted as submitted.


The Wonderful Treasures of North Carolina

The sound of the waves hitting the shore the,
the sound of the sand blowing galore.
                                    The sight of the mountains way up above,
                                     It gives you that warm feeling that is almost like love.
The shells on the beach that are under your feet,
The cold mountain air that makes your heart beat.
                                     The sea birds in flight, what a beautiful sight,
                                      You might also see a humongous kite.
The granite is not all over the planet,
It is also not made by man.
dogwood                                       The dogwood is our state flower,
                                       It is as white as snow,
                                       It might even remind you of a big white puffy bow.


Maddie Spearman
4th grade


Kitty HawkThe Treasures of North Carolina

North Carolina, coastal plains
Known for the Kitty Hawk first airplane
Dogwood is the state flower
Bald Head lighthouse famous light tower
Blackbeard the pirate came to the land,
To get the treasure then he got banned
The battleship is known for sight
Surrender now or prepare to fight!
Sea turtles, every breed of shark in the sea
The state bird, cardinal is in the oak tree
Indians, Tuscarora, Catawba, Cherokee
With products like Christmas trees
Buried treasure sunken ships and gold
Blackbeard’s ship has sunken loot it’s been told
Silk, tobacco, cotton, and grain,
All delivered by the cargo train.
North Carolina, a treasure so great!


Sara Meehan
5th grade
blue ribbonNew Hanover County winner!
yellow star State Winner!


Treasures of the Asheville Mountains

Asheville`s Mountains,
Big and bold,
Filled with trees,
And honey of bees.
Big and fluffy,
When it snows.
It changes when
Time goes and goes

Asheville`s Mountains,
Get a great sight,
High up in the sky,
Then watch blue birds fly.
 So get in your car,
Travel to Asheville,
And have a really good time!

Wiio Meinheit
3rd Grade
blue ribbonNew Hanover County winner!


Cape Hatteras

N.C. is the Place for Me!

North Carolina is the best
It was Blackbeard’s treasure chest.
We’ve made many accomplishments too,
A drug for cancer it’s totally true.
We have many, many cool sights,
Fort Fisher, Cape Hatteras; cool, right?
 There’s no other place I’d rather be,
Up by the mountains or close by the sea.
Fun around each corner or block,
It’s like walking into an ice cream shop.
So many choices I can’t decide
See Grandfather Mountain or go outside.
We have many celebrities too,
Andy Griffith, Kelly Pickler -- it’s so cool.
Inventions, well, we’ve had a lot
Like the airplane made in Kitty Hawk.
Our capital is Raleigh; Emerald is our gem;
If you are looking for one, we’ll have plenty of them.
We have a battleship used in a war
But now it’s a sight worth looking for.
I love summer here because of the beach,
Lucky me I can walk to it so it’s not out of reach.
In the winter it is fun to go out and ski
But that’s not the thing for me.
I love this state with all my heart
P.S. Wilmington is where you start.


Tyler Hamilton
5th grade
blue ribbonNew Hanover County winner!
yellow star State Winner!
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