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New Hanover County Schools
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NHCS Board of Education Policy Manual

Series 1000:  School Board Governance and Operations

Series 1000 of this manual includes policies related to the school system's legal role in providing public education and the underlying principles on which the school system operates.  The policies in this section provide a setting for all New Hanover County Board of Education policies.

This section also includes policies about the Board of Education, how it is elected and organized; how it conducts its meetings and how it establishes its internal operating procedures.

Policy Number Title Date Adopted/Revised
1000 School Administrative Unit Legal Status 04/05/11
1100 Vision, Mission, Goals 06/06/17
1200 Board Of Education Legal Status And Election Of Board Members 04/05/11
1220 Board Of Education Powers And Duties 04/05/11
1230 Organization Of The Board Of Education 04/05/11
1232 Board Of Education Officers 04/05/11
1234 Board Of Education Committees/Representatives 03/07/17
1236 Board Of Education Member Expenses 04/05/11
1240 Code of Ethics for Board of Education Members 04/05/11
1242 Board Of Education Member Conflict Of Interest 04/05/11
1250 Claims And Judgments 04/07/15
1310 Board Of Education Meetings 04/07/15
1312 Board Of Education Closed Sessions 04/05/11
1316 Notification Of Board Of Education Meetings 04/05/11
1320 Board Of Education Agenda Format 05/02/17
1322 Board Of Education Agenda Preparation And Dissemination 04/05/11
1340 Board Of Education Minutes 04/05/11
1350 Community Participation At Board Of Education Meetings 05/02/17
1400 Board of Education-Superintendent Relationships 04/05/11
1402 Relations with the Board of Education and Superintendent 04/05/11
1410 Attorney For The Board Of Education 04/05/11
1520 Policy Development, Adoption, And Dissemination 04/05/11
1550 Administration In Policy Absence 04/05/11
1600 The Community And The Board Of Education 04/05/11
1601 Role Of Board Members In Handling Complaints 09/02/14
1602 Civil Conduct 04/05/11
1605 Shared Decision Making 04/05/11
1650 Recognition Of Accomplishments 09/03/13
1660 New Hanover County Board of Education Student Scholarships 06/06/17
1670 Liaison With Board Of Education Associations 04/05/11
1710 Nondiscrimination 04/05/11
1810 Evaluation Of Board Of Education Operational Procedures 04/05/11
1820 Evaluation Of The Superintendent 04/05/11