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New Hanover County Schools
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NHCS Board of Education Policy Manual 

Series 2000:  General School Administration

Series 2000 of this manual includes policies about the school district management, administrative structure, and school building administration. It also is the location for policies that pertain to the Superintendent.

Policy Number Title Date Adopted/ Revised/Reviewed
2000 Administrative Goals 08/15/17
2020 Superintendent Of Schools 08/15/17
2060 Administrative Councils And Committees 08/15/17
2080 School Building Administration 10/03/17
2100 Development Of Administrative Rules 08/15/17
2115 Official Records – Preservation 08/15/17
2210 Relations With Other Governmental Agencies 08/01/17
2220 Relations With Educational Accreditation Agencies 08/01/17
2230 Relationships With Colleges And Universities 08/15/17
2240 Relations With Education Research And Service Centers 10/03/17
2310 Student Teaching And Internships 06/07/16