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New Hanover County Schools
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NHCS Board of Education Policy Manual

Series 5000: Facilities Development

Series 5000 of this policy manual provides policies on school construction, remodeling and modernizing, temporary facilities, and facilities retirement plans.

Policy Number Title Date Adopted/Revised
5000 School System Facilities 09/06/11
5020 Facility Design 05/02/17
5030 Facility Construction 09/06/11
5040 Prequalification Of Bidders For Construction Projects 09/01/15
5050 Construction Dispute Resolution 07/07/15
5210 Selection Of Project Designer 09/06/11
5312 Participation By Minority Businesses 09/06/11
5320 Supervision Of Construction Contracts 09/06/11
5400 Naming School Facilities 02/15/14