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Mosley Performance Learning Center Launches Career Readiness Academy

​Mosley’s new logo for the Career Readiness Academy.

Mosley Performance Learning Center (PLC) will begin implementation of a Career Readiness Academy in 2015. The Career Readiness Academy model is designed to increase student achievement and graduation rates, provide relevant job skills and credentials to students, and to increase sustainable partnerships with the local business community.

“The vision of the new academy is for students to graduate with a high school diploma and industry recognized credentials,” said Principal Adrian Pearson. “We are excited to see the positive impact the academy will make on students.”

Mosley PLC will begin improving instructional design, delivery and data analysis with a focus on literacy based on the Career Readiness Academy model during the current 2014-2015 school year and will continue to plan for the implementation of Career-Technical Education (CTE) credentialing process and increased community partnerships. The Career Readiness Academy will be fully implemented beginning the 2015-2016 school year.

Mosley PLC was established in 2008 as a non-traditional high school designed for those students not succeeding in the traditional high school setting. The Career Readiness Academy will differ from the current model in that Career-Technical Education will be integrated throughout core content areas and the focus on increased community partnerships will allow more hands-on experiences for students, such as job shadowing and internships. The school will continue to serve the current student population and will begin recruiting students throughout New Hanover County Schools who demonstrate a desire to attain CTE credentials and career readiness skills. Existing Mosley students will be eligible to earn credentialing with the exception of current 12th grade students due to the time required to earn credentials.

Desired outcomes of the Career Readiness Academy

The major goals of launching the Career Readiness Academy are to:

  • expose all students to hands-on, community-based work experiences, aligned to their career and post secondary goals;
  • graduate all students with both a High School Diploma and at least one portable, nationally-recognized industry credential;
  • consistently use data to differentiate instruction and ensure optimal success of all students.

Credential opportunities provided by the Career Readiness Academy

The Career Readiness Academy will provide the following credential opportunities at no cost:

  • Microsoft Office Specialist Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access
  • Financial Literacy Certificate
  • Work Readiness Certificate


Posted: 01/12/15