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Social Studies Resources
Grades 3-5


ICivics Free lesson plans and interactive games for learning civics. Some of the topics covered include citizenship and participation, separation of powers, and branches of government and budgeting.
  Printable World Maps Free printable maps of the world’s countries. Each map is a blank outline, the better for quizzing students on cities, counties, and terrain.
Mission-US Mission U.S. is home to two free, interactive, immersive U.S. history games. One focuses on the American Revolution, the other focuses on a slave’s quest for freedom, and both bring history to life around the student, giving events of the past an immediate and highly personal appeal.
The White House site This site allows you listen to the President's weekly video address, read transcripts of White House press briefings, find the names of all current Cabinet members, and more. It also provides biographies of every president.
  Eyewitness to History Features first-person accounts of prominent events in U.S. and world history, along with a simple explanation of the event’s importance.
  Elementary Curriculum Maps An NHCS Curriculum Map that outlines the basic curriculum, essential questions and resources (look for elementary curriculums maps on the left-hand side after you click on the link).