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Social Studies Resources
Kindergarten - Grade 2

Build a Neighborhood Taken from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, students can build a farm, a house, a construction site, or a make believe place.
  Social Studies for Kids An encompassing social studies site designed for elementary teachers and students.
  Printable World Maps Free printable maps of the world’s countries. Each map is a blank outline, the better for quizzing students on cities, counties, and terrain.
  Economics for Kids  Resources for helping young students with economics.
  50 States This website has detailed information about each of the 50 states including abbreviations and capital cities.
  The Underground Railroad This website offers resources on the underground railroad.
  Elementary Curriculum Maps An NHCS Curriculum Map that outlines the basic curriculum, essential questions and resources (look for elementary curriculums maps on the left-hand side after you click on the link).