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Striving to Achieve Excellence 

STAE, Striving to Achieve Excellence, is available at eight middle schools and five high schools within New Hanover County Schools.  STAE in New Hanover County Schools will have two components-a school-wide piece and an elective piece for students needing the additional support.  The STAE school-wide component will focus on teaching the expectations schools have of all students that we don't always teach them--study skills, test taking skills, note taking, time management, and organization.  The STAE class, which is designed for students needing extra support, will provide students with academic support, social support, career support, college support, and leadership development. Students will participate in collaborative support groups, will participate in enrichment and motivational activities, will visit colleges in North Carolina, and will have guest speakers from the community in order to help students realize that college and future careers are attainable.


Jessica Eliot
Instructional Specialist
1802 South 15th Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
(910) 254-4304