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2015 - 2016 Kindergarten Registration – March 2-13, 2015


The New Hanover County Schools will hold kindergarten registration from March 2 - March 13, 2015. Upcoming kindergarten students must be registered at the school within their residence attendance area. Attendance areas may be verified by contacting Student Support Services at 251-2929 or 254-4292.

Children to be registered must be five years of age on or before August 31, 2015. It is not necessary to bring your child to the school for registration. The registration will take approximately 15 minutes. The Kindergarten Health Assessment form will be given to parents/legal guardians during registration and must be completed and returned to the school prior to August 24, 2015.

To enroll a child in kindergarten, parents must present the following:

��� Child's original certified birth certificate

Proof of Residence

o (Copy of a current lease, deed, property tax or homeowner’s insurance policy). Utility bills or Vehicle tax will NOT be accepted.

Social Security Card (optional)

Certificate of Immunization showing:

o Child’s name and address

o Parent/guardian/responsible person name and address

o Child’s date of birth

o Sex of the child

o Number of vaccine doses given

o Dates the vaccine doses were given

o Name and address of the physician or health department administering

the required immunizations

Photo Identification

o Valid driver’s license, ID card or passport

Health Assessment Report – completed health assessment form must be presented to the principal of the school on or before the child’s first day of attendance and should include:

o Physical examination

o Vision screening

o Hearing screening

Certified birth certificates may be obtained by writing the Vital Records Branch, P.O. Box 29537, Raleigh, NC 27626, by calling (910) 733-3000, or by visiting the Vital Records Branch at 225 North McDowell Street (on the corner of Lane and McDowell). They may also be obtained from the Register of Deeds office in the county of the child’s birth. The charge for a certified birth certificate is $10.00 per copy from the Register of Deeds and $24.00 from the Vital Records Branch.

North Carolina State law requires all children in the state to receive certain immunizations. Records are checked when children enter school.

Below are the requirements for kindergarten-age children:

(5) Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis doses* (4) Polio vaccine doses*

(3) Hepatitis B doses* (2) Measles doses*

(2) Mumps doses* (1) Rubella doses*

(2) Varicella (chickenpox) doses*

(1 - 4) Haemophilus Influenzae type B (HIB) doses*

* Please visit for further information

Immunizations may be obtained from a family physician or at clinics conducted by the New Hanover County Health Department. Call the Health Department at 798-6500 to schedule appointments for physicals and immunizations as soon as possible if needed.

Parents or legal guardians with questions concerning kindergarten registration may call the elementary school in their residential school district. An elementary school listing is attached.

School names, principals’ names and phone numbers are listed below:

Alderman Elementary Robert Maxey 350-2031
Anderson Elementary Carole Piner 798-3311
Bellamy Elementary Bennie Bryant 350-2039
Blair Elementary Barbara Stock 350-2045
Bradley Creek Elementary Lauren Kefalonitis 350-2051
Carolina Beach Elementary Cindy Wartel 458-4340
Castle Hayne Elementary Cyndy Bliss Kasell 602-4970
Codington Elementary Eric Pfirman 790-2236
College Park Elementary Maria Greene 350-2058
College Rd Early Childhood Ctr Burt Kilpatrick 350-7860
Eaton Elementary Heather Byers 397-1544
Forest Hills Elementary Deborah Greenwood 251-6190
Freeman Elementary Sherry Veasey 251-6011
Gregory Elementary Krista Holland 251-6185
Holly Tree Elementary Laura Holliday 790-2250
Howe Pre-K Patricia Waddell 251-6195
Murrayville Elementary Tim Dominowski 790-5067
NHCS Pre-K at Johnson William Hatch 251-6155
Ogden Elementary Tammy Bruestle 686-6464
Parsley Elementary Robin Hamilton 790-2355
Pine Valley Elementary Rebecca Opgrand 350-2121
Snipes Elementary Cindy Talbert 251-6175
Sunset Park Elementary Jakki Jethro 815-6948
Williams Elementary Amy Oots 350-2150
Winter Park Elementary Paul Slovik 350-2159
Wrightsboro Elementary Boni Hall 815-6909
Wrightsville Beach Elementary Mary Paul Beall 256-3171