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Custodial Equipment

Attached you will find a current list of daily maintenance procedures on the equipment presently used in our schools by the custodial staff. Click on the link desired to retrieve procedures for equipment in question. If you have any questions about equipment listed, please contact Thad Adams at 910-254-4360 or by email at

The following is a list of the different types of equipment used currently in our schools. There may be some odd pieces that I have no information on or have never been in for repair.

Brand   Model
Auto Scrubbers:



Advance   Adfinity X24
Mastercraft   MSRC-21
Minuteman   mc20025
Clark   Focus L-33
Mastercraft   LR78254-1
Mastercraft   XA300-C
Advance   1344963 carpet twin
Royal   1058z
Wet/Dry Vacuums:    
Advance   AWD 315
Mastercraft   2012ssw
Crusader   4017
High Speed Burnisher:    
Thoromatic   TAC
Mastercraft   mb51500ef
Advance   Advolution XP
Advance   PBU/Propane
Pullman Holt    
Low Speed Scrubber:



Pullman Holt    
Mastercraft   md-200
Carpet Extractor:    
Advance   Aqua Clean 12ST
Restroom Cleaner: