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NC WiseOwl -
"NC WiseOwl provides free online resources for the public and charter schools in North Carolina. The NC WiseOwl program ensures that all of our students will have access to quality research tools and curriculum support materials regardless of the economic status of their local school districts. All of the reference sources on WiseOwl are available for student and parent use at home as well as at school. A password for home use may be obtained from school librarians or technology specialists." Click here for NC WiseOwl handout.


Infotrac main menu (see school Computer Resource Teacher, Media Specialist, or Facilitator for password) -
Search by periodical or other reference by:
High School - General Reference Center Gold - Student Edition - Scribner Writers Series - Gale Virtual Reference Library
Middle School - Junior Edition - Junior Reference Collection
Elementary School - Kids InfoBits - Kid's Edition
Professional Journals - Professional Custom Journals

SAS - - (See school Computer Resource Teacher for password)
Our goal is to enhance student achievement and teacher effectiveness. To that end, we've developed a carefully integrated, easily adaptable product: Curriculum Pathways. Ten years in the making, Curriculum Pathways is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between teachers and technology experts. As the name suggests, we target the core curriculum. We recognize that there are many paths to mastery. And we understand that students are best served by a product which accommodates individual teaching and learning needs."

eBooks - Virtual reference library - search by grade level in different areas (or all): Arts, Biography, Education, Environment, History, Medicine, Multicultural Studies, Nation and World, Religion, and Science.
(eBook instructions handout)

Virtual Visits - - "The purpose of Virtual Visits is to provide North Carolina's K-12 students and educators, and students and educators in grades four and eight in particular, with a virtual 360 visit of interesting sites around North Carolina."

Carolina Clips - "The purpose of Carolina Clips is to provide North Carolina's K-12 students and educators, and students and educators in grades four and eight in particular, with pictures and information related to North Carolina topics."

Geocaching -   The Geocaching Project is an on-going program created by the Instructional Technology Division of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to introduce teachers to emerging technologies and provide classroom resources for the implementation of authentic task and project-based learning units in the classroom.  The project provides staff development for teachers in the use of handheld computers as GPS devices and introduces them to the growing phenomenon of Geocaching.  Six hour training sessions are provided upon request within NC.  Once trained, teachers are able to checkout sets of handhelds for use in their classroom.

TeenReadNC -

Thinkfinity -
Wonderful resources for all grade levels and subject areas.  Includes easy links to other sites and a search engine. 

Administrator and Teacher Info

Intel - -"NCDPI has initiated a statewide professional development program to train teachers to effectively integrate computer technology into existing curriculum."

Best Practices - "As a service to the North Carolina Public Schools, the Division of Instructional Technology will provide examples of best practices in Media and Technology. These examples are selected by the regional consultants in the Educational Technology Implementation & Planning Services Section.

IMPACT model -  - "An interactive information tool designed to enhance communication and collaboration efforts with your school's Media and Technology staff. Also contains printables, classroom strategies, and other resources for using technology to maximize student learning.

NCWise Web-based training -