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Whiteboard Resources

PBS Interactive Whiteboard Games -

SMART Exchange:

SMART Training: (On this page teachers will find numerous resources to help them learn more about the software/hardware, trouble-shoot issues, etc. There are FREE printable materials, two-minute tutorials to watch, and FREE on-line training sessions.)

ACTIVBoard main site:

ACTIVBoard Free Resources:

ACTIVBoard Resources: (A user account must be created.)

ACTIVBoard Resources (Matt Barfield):

Mimio Lessons:

WhiteBoard Resources: (all grade levels)

BBC Schools Science Clips (Elementary)

BBC Schools Bingo (Secondary) Multiple subject areas

Topmarks Interactive Whiteboard Resources (Elementary)

Interactive online books (Elementary)

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (Elementary & Secondary)

Maths Zones (Elementary)

Create a Graph activity (Elementary, Middle) exhibits (Secondary)

Read, Write, Think student materials (Elementary) Online Field Trips (Elementary, Middle)

Draggable Math -

Scholastic Story Starters -

Absorb -