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New Hanover County Schools
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NHCS Technology Department

Technology Department Staff

  Dawn Brinson Chief Technology Officer
  Wayne Chamberlain Audio/Visual Technician
  Terry Schlipp Electronics Technician
Client Services    
  Cindy Dodson Client Services Engineer
  John Dolwick Lead Area Technical Coordinator
  John Fuller Technical Software Specialist
  Arty Avramenko Area Technical Coordinator
  Patrick Harrison Area Technical Coordinator
  Ronnie Johnson Area Technical Coordinator
  John Potter Area Technical Coordinator
  Doug Rogers Child Nutrition Area Technical Coord.
  Robert Williams Area Technical Coordinator
  Brandy Williamson Area Technical Coordinator
  Beth Young CTE Area Technician
Help Desk    
  Lori Herring Help Desk Supervisor
  Danielle McIntosh Help Desk Coordinator
  Rob Murphrey Help Desk Coordinator
Digital Teaching and Learning  
  Jennifer LaGarde Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist
Lead School Library Media Coordinator
  Dolores McLean Webmaster
  Jeannie Timken Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist
Network Shop    
  Kelly Judd Network Supervisor
  Brian Lantz Network Engineer
  Charles Clinard Network Engineer
  Charles White LAN Administrator
  Jamos Blackburn Communications Network Technician
  Ryan Brothers Area Network Coordinator
  Nancy Crawford Area Network Coordinator
  Levi Hunt Area Network Coordinator
  Paul Noble Communications Network Technician
  Matthew Smith Area Network Coordinator
Project Manager    
  Russell Rivenbark Project Manager
  Donna McAdams CTO Administrative Assistant
  Rhonda Welmers E-Rate Coordinator