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Field Trips

Field Trip Scheduling Using EasyTrip™ Online Request 

Click the button below to access the online request page.

Easy Trip Request Logon

Simply log in (you will create a user account upon your first visit to the page), fill out the electronic request form (at least two weeks in advance of the desired trip) and submit! The form uses required fields, pre-filtered lists, and auto-linked budget codes, to ensure that each request is 100% complete and all of the information is entered correctly and perfectly legible to everyone before it is submitted to the first approver (your principal).

Because it is submitted electronically you will no longer have to fax or email forms to the transportation department; your request will automatically follow the approval process.

You will be notified via email as to the status of your request. Once transportation approves the trip, it is scheduled and assigned. Want to know exactly where your request is right now? Simply visit the online request page, log in, and the status of all of your current requests will appear right on the Home page.

********************     Please note     ********************

If a field trip has to be cancelled, the requestor should notify Dana Adams (, by E-mail as soon as possible.   

The beginning date for taking all field trips during the school year is October 1st

No field trips may be taken after June 6th.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Field Trip Coordinator, Dana Adams at 910-254-4080 
or by email at