Plan for Success: School Attendance Matters

New Hanover County Schools encourages student attendance to avoid the detrimental effects of excessive absences. While establishing the habit of regular attendance and arriving on time should begin in elementary school, poor attendance may take a hefty toll on high school students as they prepare for graduation.

With a new school year approaching, students and families should consider securing a plan that will enable punctual and regular attendance. Efforts to promote regular attendance of high school students are also supported by recent revisions to Board Policy 8212. These revisions include:

• A student who misses more than ten (10) days in a semester will receive an incomplete for the course and shall not be awarded course credit except by determination of an attendance committee upon careful review of the student’s records.

• Make-up work shall be assigned by the student’s teacher as deemed appropriate. All make-up work shall be completed within a reasonable amount of time as determined by the student’s teacher.

• Once a student has reached the 10-day threshold, the student may lose the privilege of participating in extra-curricular experiences including, but not limited to, school dances, the prom, academic activities and athletics.

The policy in its entirety can be read on the New Hanover County Schools website at Follow up information may be provided by your child’s school or the Student Support Services Department.

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