#EdCampBeach: The Ultimate UNconfererence Experience for NHCS Educators

By Jennifer LaGarde, Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist and Lead School Library Media Coordinator

On April 30th, Castle Hayne Elementary will host New Hanover County Schools’ very first EdCamp: #EdCampBeach.

What’s an EdCamp? EdCamps are free, non-commercial, “unconferences” that are open to all educators who want to learn and share with other professionals. Unlike traditional conferences, which have schedules set far in advance by the people running the conference, Edcamp sessions are collaboratively determined on the day of the event, and anyone who attends has the opportunity to be a presenter. There are no PowerPoints, no vendors and no formal presentations at an EdCamp, just organic conversations born out of the sincere desire to make teaching and learning better for our students. (Check out this video for a closer look at the EdCamp experience!)

The first EdCamp was held in 2010 in Philadelphia. In 2011, the EdCamp Foundation was formed to help educators organize and hold their own “unconference” events. Since that time, hundreds of EdCamps have been held around the world. And on April 30th, NHCS educators will have the opportunity to experience this unique and powerful learning opportunity right in their own backyard! With over 100 educators from all across North Carolina already registered, #EdCampBeach will provide NHCS teachers and administrators with the chance to network and learn from their colleagues across the state.

Who can attend #EdCampBeach? You! Like all Edcamps, #EdCampBeach is open to all educators and future educators. If you’re motivated to create outstanding learning experiences for your students and you’re ready to learn and share with others who want to do the same thing, then this event is for you! Registration is free! Just visit the #EdCampBeach website to reserve your spot today!

Why should you attend #EdCampBeach? Unlike traditional conferences that are made up almost entirely of lecture style “sit and get” sessions, EdCamps are participatory events in which the learning is hands on, driven by authentic problems and powered by learner choice and self-efficacy. Simply put, there’s nothing quite like an EdCamp, and #EdCampBeach provides NHCS educators with the chance to experience this one of a kind, professional development right here in Southeast NC. Plus, certificates that can be submitted for CEUs will be issued on site for certified NC educators.

Time and location:
Saturday, April 30, 2016 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (EDT)
Castle Hayne Elementary School – 3925 Roger Haynes Drive, Castle Hayne, NC 28429

More information about #EdCampBeach:
Visit: bit.ly/edcampbeach
Follow @edcampbeach (or the #EdCampBeach hashtag) on Twitter.
Join the EdCampBeach Facebook Page

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact one of the #EdCampBeach Organizers:
Cyndy Bliss: Principal, Castle Hayne Elementary School
David Glenn: STEAM Coordinator, Castle Hayne Elementary School
Bev Ladd: Teacher, Pine Valley Elementary School
Jennifer LaGarde: Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist/Lead School Library Media Coordinator, New Hanover County Schools
Jeannie Timken: Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist, New Hanover County Schools

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