It’s That Time Of Year! NHCS Summer Library Programs Create Opportunities For Year Round Learning!

by Jennifer LaGarde, Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist & Lead School Library Media Coordinator

Research has shown that when students read over the summer, they come back to school better prepared for the challenges of a new school year. In fact, reading just five books during summer break can altogether prevent the “summer slide,” (or a regression of reading ability over the summer months).

Summer Reading at NHCS School Libraries

The US Department of Education recommends the following tips for helping students maintain healthy reading lives over the summer:

  1. Let your child choose what they want to read – or be read to – for 30 minutes each day. Children are much more likely to engage in material that interests them rather than materials that are forced on them.

  2. Use language and reading opportunities throughout the day. Talk often with your child and point out reading materials wherever possible:  on menus, magazines and newspapers, signs, brochures, maps, guidebooks, smartphones, ipads, etc.

  3. Make daily reading a social event. Get the whole family to join in with their own books or take turns reading the same book aloud. Include telling stories as well.

  4. Connect reading to other summer events. If you take your child to the zoo, think about reading a book about animals before and afterward. This will place your child’s reading within a larger context.

  5. Make reading a lifestyle choice. Keep books all around the house to cultivate an atmosphere of reading, and set an example by reading yourself. Children need good models of reading books, magazines, or newspapers.

New Hanover County Schools will host summer library programs at seven sites this summer beginning Monday, June 26, 2017 and ending on Tuesday, August 15th to help parents engage their NHCS students in these types of reading activities. The NHCS Summer Library Program will be held at Alderman, Anderson, Bradley Creek, Castle Hayne, Murrayville, and Pine Valley elementary schools and also Trask Middle School.

Students at participating sites received a personal invitation that included the dates and times of when their school’s library will be open. However, ANY NHCS student is allowed to participate in any program and checkout/return materials at any of the participating locations. NO registration is required. Simply checkout the calendar to find out what sites are open and make plans to attend!  In addition to checking out reading materials, each location will host a variety of activities including:

  • Coding and Robotics

  • Big fun with Drones!

  • Lego MakerSpaces

  • Stop Motion Animation

  • 3-D Printing

  • New Hanover County Public Library Book Talks with “Miss Margaret”

  • Lots, lots more!

Please visit the NHCS Summer Reading Program website for a complete schedule and calendar of events.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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