Make It Happen! by Dr. Tim Markley, Superintendent

On August 28th over 26,000 students will begin the 2017-2018 school year here in New Hanover County Schools. This annual ritual never ceases to amaze me, because public education is the true melting pot of our Country. Public education is the great equalizer that allow students from any background to be successful. Public education is an unwritten contract between citizens and parents that we will educate every child that comes through our doors. Regardless of the needs, we welcome ALL New Hanover County students.

Some of these students are easy to teach and eager to learn, while many others may be more challenging and need greater help, encouragement and support. As public schools, we welcome all of these students and promise to educate them to reach their full potential.

This requires the support of the entire community and New Hanover County has always risen to the challenge. Our community has never turned down a school bond, and our elected officials have always ensured that our students have more than just the basic resources. For that, we say THANK YOU, and we promise we will put those resources to the best possible use.

My passion for public education was shaped by my own experiences; both of my parents were high school dropouts. Despite this, they both understood that as the world was changing, an education was critical to being successful. Along with my parents, there were some incredible teachers who made a difference in my life. Those teachers instilled a love of learning that is still within me today. For a child like me, whose parents never visited my schools, this made a huge impact in my life. This still happens in our schools every day…teachers making positive, life-changing connections with our students. Encouraging words and supportive actions can be found in our classrooms.

Michael JordanThis year, we adopted the theme – “Make It Happen” because that is what public education is all about – make it happen for students. The phrase comes from one of New Hanover County’s most famous public school graduates, Michael Jordan.

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen,” Michael Jordan – Laney High School Class of 1981.

Here in NHCS, teachers do MAKE a difference in the lives of students. They MAKE IT HAPPEN for students every day!

Welcome back and have a great school year!

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