Be the Best You for Your Students

by Adriana Poveromo, NHCS Rookie Teacher of the Year

“The dream begins with a teacher – who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth.” -Dan Rather

As we enter into the week of appreciating our educators across the country, the memories come flooding back into my mind as to why I became a teacher and what led me to where I am today. For me, it was my first grade teacher that ignited the passion for me to become a teacher. Ever since then, I have had this drive and fire inside of me to make an impact on the students that I have in my classroom.

Four years ago, my journey as a teacher began, and it was not an easy one. I was traveling an hour to and from work, and I was putting 400 miles a week on my little car. I was a first-year teacher teaching third grade, and I was the only teacher. How terrifying?! It was in that first year that I was able to discover what did and did not work for me as a teacher and how to form relationships with my students. It wasn’t until my second year of teaching that I found my way back into the County – NHCS – where I received my education for K-12.

The past four years of teaching have been some of the most rewarding and challenging for myself, but the rewarding memories far outweigh the challenging ones. I am thankful to NHCS for giving me the opportunity to come back and educate the future leaders of tomorrow. Throughout this last school year in the Beginning Teacher program, it has brought me the most memorable moments of my teaching career. I never would have imagined being in the position that I am today, and I just have to thank NHCS for believing in me as an educator and as a leader.

Teacher appreciation isn’t just one week out of the year…it is each and every second of the day. Teaching brings incomparable joy to each and every one of us, or we would not be in the positions that we are in today. We walk into a brand new opportunity each and every morning, no matter what happened the day before. Each day is a fresh new slate for us to make the most of what lies ahead of us and be the best “YOU” for your students.

My purpose and why is plain and simple…my students. It probably sounds cliché, but I try to instill my students the values and morals that I learned when I was a student sitting in their shoes 15 years ago. In brief, this is why we teach: to improve the transmission of learning, to honor the scholarship we have so dearly won, and to inspire our students’ compassion and ideas. In these challenging times for teaching and learning, we must persist to persevere.

I wish each and every teacher a Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, and if you haven’t heard it lately, I appreciate you and all of the hard work you put in to educating the future leaders of tomorrow. Thank you for your dedication to your students.

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