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Xtranormal - Create an Avatar and a short
movie to do a book review, biography, or even explain a math problem. A must for any Language Arts/English teacher. Packed with resources and lessons.

Technology Tutorials

Wordsmith-Internet Anagram: A great introduction to a lesson on anagrams.


Wordle -Site to create Word Clouds

Edmodo - Social Learning for classroom.

Pirate Pad - This website offers collaborative word documents you can see in real time

Non-profit organization that provides free high quality educational activities on the web

Newspaper Archive: Find tens of millions of millions of historical newspaper articles, dating back to 1759.

Free on line Typing Tutor

The Story: Real stories about and by real people.
Great for Technology Information

SpellingCity: Free online spelling resource, includes many activities and games.

Green Education Grants


Diigo - Bookmark sites and add your own highlights and sticky notes.

Polling site - use cell phones to respond

Time Toast - create timelines.

Rapidly create and share tutorials, demos, training and more.

Wall Wisher - This is a new way to communicate. Post notes on a wall. This site can be used for your colleagues, as a workshop evaluation or with your students, as a concluding activity.

Nortell - This site from the telecommunications company has a large selection of teacher materials including video's, lesson plans, and resources for IT careers, ethics, safety and more.

Virtual Field Trip - View or create a virtual field trip to the setting of a book you students are reading.

Glogster - Students can create multimedia poster presentations.

Foldables - a type of graphic organizer.

Google Patents - Doing an invention or a technology unit with your students? Find the patent application for any product on the market.

Cornell note taking - a great way to organize notes

Google for Educators - Use this site to access all that Google has to offer...lesson and activity ideas as well as resources.

Web Site Profiler - teach students to evaluate a website

Photot-editing - Photo editing web templates, filters, color palettes, screen capture and more.

CTE LITERACY HANDBOOK, ver. 3.0, C, Parts 1-3
 -3.0, C, Parts 1-3

Jog the Web - use this site to put together a string of websites your students  am need to use.


CTE websites.rtf
More helpful sites


Glogster - a graphical blog. http//

CTE LITERACY HANDBOOK, ver. 3.0, C, Parts 5-6

Career Clusters

Math Integration

NC Career Clusters Guide

Math: CTE Teacher Handbook, Parts 1-8

NC Career Clusters

Math: CTE Teacher Handbook, Part 9A

Building Career Pathways, Educator's Edition

Math: CTE Teacher Handbook, Part 9B

Career Pathways: A Focus on Biotechnology

Math: CTE Teacher Handbook, Parts 10-12

Felicia Gray-Watson - Career Clusters and The Future-Ready Core Graduation Requirements

How Do You Expect Me to Teach Math - A CTE Teacher Toolbox of Numeracy Strategies has been divided into parts due to the size of the files. Refer to the Table of Contents in Parts 1-8 for identify of Parts. The entire handbook may be reassembled into one file, if desired. Created by Cheryl Rice, CTE DPI consultant.

Dr. Elissa Brown and Teresa Smith - State of the
State:  NC Professional School Counseling Standards and Future Ready Core


Math in CTE: Slides 1-34 Power Point
Math in CTE: Slides 35-65
Math in CTE: Slides 66-121


Math by Design - Aligned with STEM

Teacher Tools

Google Search Tools

Curriki - The names of this site's main sections "Find, Contribute, and Connect" give you a sense its offerings. Teachers can search through a collection of math, science, language arts, and social studies lesson plans.—contains many teacher tools

Teach-nology -This site boasts 28,000 free lesson plans for K-12 classrooms and a variety of tips, printable worksheets, and games for all subjects. - STEM, expanding options for women and girls in science, technology and math.

Wiki-Teacher-a  Wikipedia for teachers, by teachers. - 21 Ford Motor Company Fund Partnership for Advanced Studies, “Curriculum Description,”

The Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook Directory is the most complete interactive, online resource for K-12 educators who are seeking professional growth.

Letter writing guide -


Free Programming Resources


VoyagerU - specializes in professional development courses in reading.