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Library Regulations


Please see the Career Tech Facilitator assigned to your school to order videos.

You may check out no more than three videos at one time.  Videos must be returned to your CTF within 5 school days.  Do not put the videos in the school mail or turn them in to your school library.  Do not pass videos on to other teachers.  Each teacher wishing to use a video must follow proper checkout procedure and order through the SPC or CDC.

Rewind videos, check to see that the video and cassette cover match, and check to see that all printed material is returned (booklets, worksheets, etc.).

If a video is damaged or working improperly, attach a note to the video explaining the problem before you return it.

If you find videos in your curriculum catalogs that you would like for us to order for the library, give the complete ordering information to your SPC or CDC.  We will order materials as funds become available. (New videos will only be ordered when teachers request them).

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